Toy blocks

Toy blocks are great fun for children to play with from 2 years and older. Children can spend hours building the most beautiful worlds. Building with toy blocks is also educational. It helps your children develop their fine motor skills and the world of play. By playing with toy blocks they are focused on their own development. It is not for nothing that building blocks are still played with in kindergartens across the world. The only drawback is that most toy blocks are not produced sustainably. Most toy blocks are made from oil and are thus harmful to the environment. BiOBUDDi recognizes this and produces educational sustainable toys for children.

Sustainable toy blocks contribute to a better world

Unfortunately, the climate is rapidly changing around us. We want to create a livable world for our children and grandchildren. With sustainable toys, we can take the first step, together with our children. BiOBUDDi is the largest producer of sustainable toys in the world. The company also originates from the Netherlands and produces the toys domestically. By producing organic toys in our own country, the makers can keep a close eye on the process. This way they can guarantee that the toy blocks are made 100% sustainable.

Toy blocks made from the residual waste of sugarcane

Toy blocks from BiOBUDDi are unique. The blocks are made from residual sugarcane waste. Sugarcane waste is used to make oil and then toy blocks are produced sustainably from this oil. The blocks are 100% safe to play with and also recyclable. When your child is done with the toy and you can't make anyone else happy with it, you can easily recycle the blocks. In this way, BiOBUDDi is environmentally conscious.

Discover the different collections

BiOBUDDi is licensed by several well-known TV figures in the Netherlands. Think of Bumba, Miss Rose, Animal planet or Biba farm. Completely in the style of the famous television shows, BiOBUDDi has created toy animals. So your child can build his own Biba farm with familiar figures. Or how about Miss Rose? Miss Rose is of course known for her videos on Youtube in which familiar songs are given a new take. With the toy blocks from Miss Rose, you can recreate the bus from the 'Wheels of the Bus'. Miss Rose herself is of course supplied as a figurine to complete the set. Do you prefer neutral toys? You can also order building blocks to stimulate your child's imagination. Let your baby have fun and buy your toys for 2-year-olds from BiOBUDDi.