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BiOBUDDi for Business

BiOBUDDi offers many services to other businesses. From gifts for customers and employees to becoming a BiOBUDDi retailer. There must be something we offer that could benefit your business, let’s work together and build a better tomorrow!


Unique gifts

Gifts are a great way to maintain a good relationship with customers, and employees. Are you looking for an exclusive promotional gift aimed at parents with young children? You’ll be amazed at what BiOBUDDi has to offer for your company.BiOBUDDi offers gifts both towards big and small companies. For ordering big quantities please contact our sales department for a custom-made solution. We seek to create a unique and memorable impression for your customer or employee.

BiOBUDDi for distributors

BiOBUDDi’s products are made in the Netherlands, professionally tested, and meet the requirements to sell worldwide! Creating educational toys in an eco-green way and thereby building a better tomorrow is what makes our heart beat. BiOBUDDi currently sells products in multiple countries across the world. Together with our distributors, we’re spreading BiOBUDDi worldwide! But we’re not there just yet. Are you interested, or do you think your company can help us? Feel free to contact us! You can call us via +31 (0) 77-3211404 or send an email to our export manager  

BiOBUDDi for retailers

Are you a retailer and interested in what BiOBUDDi has to offer? This is your chance to add a eco-friendly toy brand to your assortment. BiOBUDDi is new, fun, eco-friendly and a great addition to every store’s assortment. Because of social media, online magazines, blogs, and promotion, BiOBUDDi is already known to millions of households worldwide! For more information, you can call us via +31 (0) 77-3211404 or send an email to

BiOBUDDi for bloggers and influencers

BiOBUDDi also does and has done multiple cooperations with bloggers and influencers. We make use of the barter deal, this is the agreement where we send our product to a blogger or influencer, they make a review on it, and then get to keep the product. Do you have the right target group and a large enough reach? Feel free to contact us! For more information, you can call us via +31 (0) 77-3211404 or send an email to You can also send a message on Facebook or Instagram or Twitter.