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Go on safari with the new bio-based Wildlife toys from the Dutch company BiOBUDDi. This new eco-friendly toy is educational and above all fun for children from 1.5 to 6 years old. Go on a wild adventure together and start building your own wildlife toy animals.

Discover together with your child which wild animals live in the world. Playing and building with the building blocks from this toy series ensures the educational development of a small child. If your child or grandchild is unable to put everything together on their own, give them a hand. Building together with toy blocks greatly strengthens the bond between an adult and a little one and is of course also super fun.

Each toy box has an included instruction booklet that is specially designed for each toy set. You can build step by step with the instruction booklet. The booklets have been specially developed for young children and have a visual representation of every step that the child must take to build a toy set.

BiOBUDDi bio toys are made in the Netherlands from the residues of sugar cane. Normal plastics are made from oil and thus have a negative impact on the environment. The BiOBUDDi toy boxes have therefore been developed in an environmentally conscious manner. On this page you can take a look at all the wildlife toy boxes. Ordering toys can be done quickly and easily online via this website.