BiOBUDDi for Education

Children explore the world by playing. They have unlimited imagination and often amaze us with their colorful fantasies and stories. Children learn to discover the world at school, home and at day-care.


Setting the right example

BiOBUDDi’s mission is “Build a Better Tomorrow” and children being the next generation, are part of this “better tomorrow”. That’s why we as BiOBUDDi think it’s really important to be a good example to them. Let them use and play with biobased products that are going to help their future planet in staying green and healthy. They should become familiar with products that are sustainable, even when they’re really young. Aside from being healthy towards the environment, our products are child-friendly as well.


Educational playsets

We want children to learn in a fun and eco-green way at school, and for this reason, BiOBUDDi makes educational playsets for schools and day-cares. The playsets contain multiple blocks, baseplates, and learning books. Each playset is suitable for groups of 4 to 8 children.
These playsets help children develop their motor skills, social skills, creativity, and imagination. The learning books in each contain a lot of information about the designated subject. Stimulating learning with fun. And having fun is easier together! Playing together, exploring together, and creating together.

BiOBUDDi wants to stimulate the fantasy and imagination of children. Children are having the most fun building a world of their own.

We have 4 different playsets:

Educational Animal Set

Kids love animals and love seeing different ones. This educational animal set gives your child chances to learn about animals and has vibrant colors to keep them interested. this also helps stimulate their brain into learning colors,animals and develop better motor skills. 

There's a ton of choices and the kids can build a crocodile, a giraffe, a penguin and many more!

This Animal educational set includes 240 eco-friendly blocks and 18 different learning cards. The set is suitable to play within groups of 4 to 8 children.



Educational dominoes

Dominoes are fun for all ages but especially for kids these can help make long lasting life skills and are fun while at it.

Dominoes are very versatile and kids can build tracks up to 5M long with their 150 dominoes, with this line they can add in the figurines and play for even longer with the same track of dominos!


This set has 150 dominoes of 6 different colors and comes with figurines with stickers.



Educational Car set

Vroom Vroom!! watch out there's cars coming that the children have built and they're coming fast.

Build all the cars and start driving as much as you can! With this set the kids get to play with cars and have hours of driving fun with multiple different cars so every child can find a car they like the look of.

This set has 205 blocks with some having prints on them. 3 baseplates and multiple manuals!



Educational letters set

Toddlers will enjoy learning letters and the alphabet with this set. While some kids learn letters very quickly, others need more repetition and time to learn letters. Teaching letters with BiOBUDDi is a great way to practice vocabulary, cognitive and verbal skills and will help your child to learn the alphabet at a young age!

The Uppercase letters provide a visual way to help children learn the alphabet and might teach them how to read. Build a new creation or a tower on the baseplate together with your little one and encourage your child's development!

Contains 42 colored building blocks with prints.

One baseplate.
Multiple manuals.
Age: 1,5 – 6



Bio toy block boxes

BiOBUDDi also offers “Bio boxes” these are storage boxes that come in different sizes, containing up to 500 building blocks! The boxes are made of FSC certified carton which makes not only the product but also the packaging completely green!

BiOBUDDi building blocks are fully compatible with our BiOBUDDi play sets, and different building blocks brands. The Bio boxes are an excellent addition to all our sets.

New assortment

There is no nursery or school without a building corner, this is because building with building blocks helps your child to develop. Problem-solving, imagination and creativity, self-expression and language, math, creativity, self-confidence, social development, and fine motor skills. Enough reasons to ensure that there are enough building toys in your classroom, daycare or other location. For this reason BiOBUDDi has increased it's educational toy line. In the new line there is something for every child available that appeals to him or her. 

The new educational toy line is specially designed for nurseries, schools, and of course for home-schooling. Click here and download the new educational toy catalog and get to know more about the range of products.