BiOBUDDi values

Build a better tomorrow!

Global warming is affecting our planet more and more. The many exhaust fumes being released into our atmosphere changes the climate, the temperature rises. The high temperature causes drought on many places resulting into failed harvest, increased forest fire and other negative environmental consequences. To prevent this from happening we must start building a better tomorrow. It is our duty to make the planet a place anyone can have a safe and healthy life.   BiOBUDDi believes every child should be able to play with eco-friendly toys. By creating durable toys in an eco-friendly way, we can help the environment and increase ecologic awareness of parents and their children to put an end to global warming. Only then both our current and our future generations can enjoy life on our beautiful planet. Oil-based plastics used in regular toys harm the environment. It is time to stop this.


BiOBUDDi is friendly to the environment. The production process cycle, the use and the waste phase of BiOBUDDi’s products are entirely eco-friendly. Our main basic material comes from sugarcane plants, unlike oil, this is a sustainable resource. We reuse a portion that remains in the processing of sugar cane. This portion forms the basis of a natural developed compound that is almost fully biobased. The toy production and development saves a large amount of CO2 emissions compared to regular toy products. The products have a natural origin and do not infringe the food chain. The entire production chain is circular and therefore recyclable in global recycling flow. 


Having fun makes everything go easier. Fun gives children positive energy, this energy spreads to those around them. For BiOBUDDi, fun means creating and completing new creations with sustainable toys. Having fun is easier together; same as playing together, exploring together and creating together. BiOBUDDi stimulates the fantasy and imagination of children. Children are having the most fun building a world of their own.


BiOBUDDi isn’t only safe for the environment. Our products are specially made for children, this means our products have to be extra safe for little small hands. BiOBUDDi has all of its products tested by the TÜV Rheinland. BiOBUDDi has both EN71-1 and EN71-2 certificates, EN71 specifies safety requirements for toys in the European Union. EN 71-1 stands for the mechanical and physical properties, and EN 71-2 stands for the flammability. TÜV Rheinland also did chemical testing on our products, in which they passed. We are also one of the few toy companies that have a DIN CERTCO certificate. This is a specific certificate that stands for our biobased content in our products.   We always mention important safety risks on every package. For this reason we advise parents to read the packaging carefully before the child starts to enjoy a BiOBUDDi product. through its core, BiOBUDDi has always been an eco-friendly toy company. Since the day that Van Bommel’s daughter came home with an important message, the commitment to sustainability is part of the DNA of the family business.


Learning, exploring and experimenting, BiOBUDDi brings education and fun together as one with a variety of subjects and themes. Playing with toy blocks helps stimulating children to develop skills like creativity, imagination and motor skills.