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Pixel and Create

Pixel & Create Flower and Turtle

Pixel & Create Lion or Dog

Pixel & Create Fish or Rocket

Pixel & Create Octopus or Crab

Pixel & Create Monsters

There is a new fun way of pixelating and it was developed by the environmentally friendly toy brand BiOBUDDi. This toy is for children ages 4 and up. Adults can also participate in Pixels. Build in 2D and 3D with the pixel and create toy series.

With this new toy series you can pixel your own creations in an environmentally friendly way. Create your own work of art together with your son or daughter. Use the idea cards and make a dog, flower, rocket or something else. When you have finished your creation, you can simply start over by loosening the blocks with the supplied remover. If you want to make your own large creation, you can use the supplied coupling pieces to combine the building plates, make sure you have enough pixel blocks. You can always order these separately if you find them insufficient in the starter package. The starter pack contains everything you need to pixelate for hours on end. The three smaller sets also guarantee fun. Let your imagination run wild and get started right away making the favorite pixel works.

The entire toy series is made from environmentally friendly ecological remnants of the sugar cane plant, so you are responsible for the environment when you play with the pixel create toy series from BiOBUDDi. Do not delay and order immediately!