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BiOBUDDi is committed to build a better tomorrow, and for this reason, develops and makes eco-friendly products.

From our biobased materials to our manufacturing in the Netherlands, we’re raising awareness about sustainability while delivering unquestionably safe products. We believe that the best way to encourage environmental change is through goods people buy and use every day

The dream of a father

On a hot summer day in June 2015, Steven van Bommel, father of two daughters came home one day from a long day of work. Van Bommel had been producing plastic toys for the past few years and was busy on the promotional activity of it. He grew up in a family business, where he started working as a young boy in 1986. In the year 2000, after 14 years of hard work, he took over the company from his father who retired. At that time, the company was going through a turbulent time. The two daughters were always interested in the activities of their father. The youngest of the two asked that evening why her father still made toys in the far east from normal plastic. She told her father that the current products were harming the environment around him and that of the next generation. At school that same day she learned that plastic is for the most part made of petroleum. Petroleum is a scarce raw material that causes enormous damage to the environment. The productions of these plastics results in high CO2 emissions.
It was at this moment that Van Bommel realized that things could and should be done differently. The daughter had unknowingly opened his eyes that evening. He really wanted his production to add something to society. It was time to make some drastic changes in the company. Van Bommel's dream from now on was to make products that are safe and do not damage the environment in which we live. The following day it was decided that all accumulated reserves should go to this new project. All current investments and projects were stopped. It was the day that BiOBUDDi was born, even though it took some time before it actually came to life.

A special compound

In 2015, Steven van Bommel, together with his team began working on the development of larger sized toy blocks from eco-friendly materials. He knew the toy market because of his current businesses and started an investigation. He came in contact with several experts in the field that had been active for years with alternative plastic forms. They were able to tell him everything about alternative materials and together they started testing. It was a long and complex process. During the process, a collaboration was also started with The Wageningen University in the Netherlands. The family company looked for help in every way to get this great project off the ground. Many tests did not go as expected in the first two years. The investments were made without reaching the desired results. In particular, the choice of material was of great importance, because there was a desire to develop a circular flow in the raw material.
In 2017, after 2 years of extremely hard work, there was finally a success to celebrate. The toy blocks could be made from a material that met the requirements. The brand name BiOBUDDi was registered and the first toys sets came on the market in The Netherlands by the end of 2017! BiOBUDDi created a very special compound. The long development, in cooperation with experts in the field and Wageningen University finally paid off. The compound had the requirements of flexibility and hardness, the bricks kept their shape. It also was easy to assemble and disassemble, even by the smallest children. By the end of 2017, the whole compound was certified by TÜV Rheinland (in Germany) and it proved that the toys were high rated biobased.

The first line of biobased products of BiOBUDDi

The first BiOBUDDi educational line of toy blocks were introduced to the market by the end of 2017. After the first educational line, BiOBUDDi introduced their wildlife series, consisting of special blocks. The wildlife series has animals like lions, whales, elephants and many more. In 2019, BiOBUDDi launched more than 30 new products. The company started collaborations with several partners, a new IP was developed, and tests have been done for more products in different product segments. Nowadays all the extra materials used in the BiOBUDDi products are also made from natural resources. Currently, the toys of BiOBUDDi are sold in over 40 countries around the world. The toys have their own, special feel. They feel really nice and soft, although the surface is rigid enough for the functionality. Nowadays the range is much larger than just toy block sets. The toy brand makes Pixel and Create sets, puzzles and card games. In the future, BiOBUDDi wants to further expand its range. There are strict requirements before the brand launches a range of products.
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In the short time that BiOBUDDi is available on the toy market, it has already received much attention. More and more consumers attach greater importance to the origin of the products they purchase. There is a greater demand for sustainable products. BiOBUDDi is a forerunner, especially in the still very conservative toy market. This has resulted in winning various awards. The awards are an encouragement for the young toy brand.

Vision & Mission

At its core, BiOBUDDi has always been an eco-friendly toy company. since the day that van Bommel’s daughter came home with an important message, the commitment to sustainability has become a part of the DNA of the family business.  
Our vision: Build a better tomorrow!  
Our mission: Making products that are safe and do not harm the environment that we live in.

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