Sustainable toys

Sustainable products are becoming increasingly popular. Sustainable products do not always mean that they are environmentally friendly. BiOBUDDi aims to make products that are both sustainable and environmentally friendly. BiOBUDDi uses a primary raw material in all its productions. This raw material has been developed in-house, and the primary basis of the material is sugar cane. A residue stream remains in sugar cane production and is used to make a granulate. The granulate is mixed with natural ingredients sourced by BiOBUDDi; this leads to a unique raw material. BiOBUDDi patents this raw material. Of course, more is needed in producing the products than just this raw material. However, it does not stop there for BiOBUDDi. All materials that BiOBUDDi uses are sourced in an environmentally friendly way. The raw material ensures a product that will last for years.

Sustainable Toys made from sugarcane - Duurzaamspeelgoed

The sustainability also does not detract from the production method that is completely CO2 neutral. It is both sustainable and environmentally friendly. Sustainable and Organic toys must, of course, be just as much fun to play with as non-organic or sustainable toys. At BiOBUDDi, we make sure that the toys are fun and engaging to play with. A dedicated team works every day on the development of unique toy products. The products are educational, but above all, they guarantee hours of fun. By bringing education and games together, playing becomes educational. Your child learns to improve creativity, imagination, and motor skills by playing with them.

Toys made from sugarcane

Toys are often made from oil. Oil is, of course, harmful to the environment unlike sugarcane. BiOBUDDi makes sustainable and eco-friendly toys with a side stream from sugarcane. There are several significant advantages to using this raw material. The raw material is widely available, and there are even surpluses in sugar cane, so there is no additional deforestation taking place for this. The process does not use the edible part of the sugarcane plant, so it does not affect the food chain. Sugar cane is a beautiful plant that absorbs CO2 during the growth process. A product developed from this material feels soft and very lovely. You can feel and experience that a product produced by BiOBUDDi comes from nature. The building toy blocks made from this unique material are also 100% recyclable. If the products end up in a recycling system, they are reused. This is happening more often and in new innovative ways. Every day we are still improving our raw material use and production process. 

Sustainable toys made in the Netherlands

By making the toys in the Netherlands, we can keep a close eye on the process. We make sure that our toys are genuinely 100% environmentally friendly. BiOBUDDi is 100% made in the Netherlands. We ensure neutral CO2 use throughout the entire production process. BiOBUDDi distinguishes itself from other toy manufacturers by the sustainable choice of materials, and we are proud of that. Our environmentally friendly production method is new and safe. Every day we look at possible improvements, and we go along with the developments that are taking place.  


At the moment, BiOBUDDi produces one of the best selling sustainable/organic toys in the world. We have started creating large toy blocks for children from 1.5 years old. We now also make toy boxes for an older target group of children. We will be offering toys in even more product groups in the future. The future looks bright.

It is an ongoing process to Build a Better Tomorrow!