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Sustainable toys

Sustainable toys are environmentally friendly. BiOBUDDi ensures that all factories produce environmentally friendly toys. The main basis of the products is coming from the sugarcane plant. For this reason children can nowadays play with their toys without damaging the environment. Organic toys must, of course, be just as much fun to play with as non-sustainable toys. At BiOBUDDi we make sure that the toys are fun and engaging to play with. Together with your child, you can build a new world using toy animals and toy blocks. By bringing education and games together, playing becomes educational. Your child learns to improve creativity, imagination, and motor skills by playing with them.  

Toys made from sugarcane

Toys are often made from oil. Oil is, of course, harmful to the environment and not a sustainable raw material. Unlike sugarcane. BiOBUDDi makes sustainable and eco-friendly toys with a side stream from sugarcane. The building toy blocks we produce for children are also 100% recyclable. That means that when you are eventually done with the toys, there is no adverse effects on nature. In this way, BiOBUDDi makes a positive contribution to the environment.  

Sustainable toys made in the Netherlands

BiOBUDDI produces not only environmentally friendly toys, but also ones completely made in the Netherlands. The toys are designed in the Netherlands and then produced in Dutch factories. By making the toys in the Netherlands, we can keep a close eye on the process. We keep our finger on the pulse and ensure that our toys are truly 100% environmentally friendly. In addition, we convert carbon dioxide into oxygen during production to help reduce the greenhouse effect. Then we put the toys in environmentally friendly packaging. All this to prevent the greenhouse effect in the Netherlands from worsening.  


BiOBUDDi is currently one of the best-selling sustainable toys in the world. Our collection of toy animals are sold worldwide in various stores. We also sell themed toys. For example, Bumba, Biba Farm, Miss Roos, and toys based on well-known children's songs. Online you can view the complete collection of sustainable toys and order easily online. Contribute to a better future for your children and grandchildren. All while your children have fun with safe, educational, and sustainable toys. Questions about BiOBUDDi? Feel free to contact us.

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