Toy animals

Toy animals by BiOBUDDi are designed for building. Children can click together their own animals using our toy animal blocks. Thanks to a simple blueprint, children as young as 2 years can already start clicking together toy animals. The animals are not only fun to click together, but also educational. Children can learn about animals and further develop their fine motor skills by building with toy blocks. In addition to the animal world, BiOBUDDI also has a license from Biba Farm. Children can use this to build their own farms in the familiar world of Biba Farm.  

Sustainable toys to play with

The toy animals from BiOBUDDi are 100% sustainably produced. A unique aspect of our toy blocks is that they are made from the waste of sugarcane. We make our toys using waste products. The major advantage of using sugarcane is that the toy blocks are recyclable. This contrasts with the oil that toys are most often made with. Our complete toy production is therefore not harmful to the environment. In this manner, we can ensure a more positive influence on our world. Both adults and children can do their part for a better environment. Together we can try to reduce global warming and allow our children to play safely with toy animals.  

Animal toys are of course fun to play with

Sustainable toys are important for the survival of our world. But we believe that it is also important that children can still have fun. With toy animals, children get to create new animals. They get to discover the world in a playful way. Children love to build their own world in which such toy animals play a role. The BiOBUDDi toys designed for 2-year-olds indulges this through educational fun toys. They can build their own world using sustainable play blocks.  

The new animal toys collection

In 2018, a new toy animal collection was released by BiOBUDDi. This collection is called Wildlife and consists of various construction kits, with which children can build their own toy animals. This, of course, includes tough safari animals such as a lion, giraffe, and elephants. Children can let loose their imagination with the help of their new animal toys. They could also combine the animals with other building blocks from BiOBUDDi. In this way, children build their own world of sustainable toys.  

Order toy animals online

In our webshop, you'll find a large number of toy animals that children can play with. The toys are safe and extra responsible as they are completely sustainable. An additional plus is that the toys are also made in the Netherlands. This ensures the strict supervision of safety and quality. In addition, it is supervised as to whether the process is really 100% sustainable. We ensure that you end up with a 100% sustainable product. Even the instructions for assembling the toy animals are printed in a sustainable manner. The boxes are also assembled with environmentally friendly glue. Every aspect has been considered for the production of organic toys at BiOBUDDi. The eco toy animals from BiOBUDDi have been specifically designed for children aged 1.5 to 6 years young when educational development is vital. The toy blocks guarantee a safe playing experience and support the development of the child.  

Sustainable animal toys

BiOBUDDi strives for a better future and develops, produces, and supplies environmentally friendly toy animals. Using organic materials and having the toy production in the Netherlands, we aim to increase awareness of sustainability and the supply of indisputably safe products to our customers.   

Buying toy animals?

When your child is ready for educational toys, you want this to be possible in a responsible and safe way. Young children develop different learning skills by playing and building with blocks. The BiOBUDDi toy animal blocks are produced in an environmentally friendly manner and can be recycled. Naturally, BiOBUDDi toy blocks can be combined with blocks from other brands.

Questions about BiOBUDDI animal toys?

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