Domino City
Domino City
Domino City
Domino City
Domino City
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Domino City

Domino City

Build the city, place the dominoes, get everything ready and go! Wow endless building and playing fun. What a challenge!
BiOBUDDi has developed three unique domino sets for children aged 6 and up.
This set is the “Domino City” set. Children first build a large and beautiful city set out of carton, then they start placing the dominoes.
Ultimately, they build a unique track with all kinds of cool challenges that have been incorporated into the city set. It's crazy cool to build your own domino city track. Kids can also cover some of the dominoes with cool stickers.

What is in the play set?

• 150 dominoes
• 10 figurines and extra stickers
• 6 cardboard parts for the city set.
• 1 manual

Organic toys

BiOBUDDi's organic toy are produced in the Netherlands. This is not all! The dominoes are sustainably produced from a side stream of sugar cane processing. The city is made of cardboard that is FSC approved. The complete product is produced CO2 neutral in The Netherlands.
How amazing is that?

The main advantages of the product:

  • Made in the Netherlands.
  • All BiOBUDDi toys are environmentally friendly, ecological, sustainable, and made from the unusable residues of the sugar cane plant.
  • Hours of fun guaranteed.
  • The colored dominoes with prints on them appeal to young children.
  • This set comes with 10 extra cool figurines
  • The packaging is 100% recyclable.
Material: Eco-friendly , biobased and patented material
Building a better tomorrow that is BiOBUDDi's vision. We like to do this together with our customers. It is crucial that commercial parties take responsibility. We take this responsibility by making sustainable products, but we want to do more. Our interest is not only to make a profit, but the interest is much greater. For this reason, BiOBUDDi supports the Plant-for-the-Planet foundation. biobuddi plant for the planet Read more