Dinosaur world
Dinosaur world
Dinosaur world
Dinosaur world
Dinosaur world
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Dinosaur world

The amazing story of the prehistoric

With this set your child gets to look back in time to when the dinosaurs were reigning over the world and there were many different kinds! That's why in this set we have 5 completely different dinosaurs, from herbivore (plant eaters), carnivores (meat eaters) and omnivores (they eat everything)! There are some glow in the dark toy blocks that make the Dinosaurs even cooler. Our blocks are compatible with other toy block brands and our small blocks can be put on our big blocks from other collections! This set was made for children 4 and up, but can be enjoyed by all ages.

What's included in the box?

  • Manuals for each dinosaur
  • Around 500 blocks
  • Blocks in multiple vibrant colors!
  • An Ankylosaurus, Pterodactyl, T-rex, Velociraptor and a Brontosaurus

Why is BiOBUDDi eco-friendly?

BiOBUDDi's organic toy and blocks are made from the sugar cane plant and are produced in the Netherlands.The colorful blocks are in line with children's experiences and are not only environmentally friendly but also recyclable and child-friendly. The entire production process from A to Z is CO2 neutral. The toys have been extensively tested and meet all conditions.

The main advantages of the product:

  • Made in the Netherlands.
  • All BiOBUDDi building blocks are environmentally friendly, ecological, sustainable, and made from the unusable residues of the sugar cane plant.
  • Hours of fun guaranteed.
  • The packaging is 100% recyclable.
  • The toy blocks can be combined with blocks from other well-known brands.
Material: Eco-friendly , biobased and patented material
Building a better tomorrow that is BiOBUDDi's vision. We like to do this together with our customers. It is crucial that commercial parties take responsibility. We take this responsibility by making sustainable products, but we want to do more. Our interest is not only to make a profit, but the interest is much greater. For this reason, BiOBUDDi supports the Plant-for-the-Planet foundation. biobuddi plant for the planet Read more