Organic toys

Organic toys allow children to play without their toys being harmful to the environment. Young children are explorers and for this reason known to put toys in their mouth, throw them around or frequently leave them behind in the garden or any other place. It is, therefore, beneficially that the toys are sustainable and made from safe materials. it is very safe for young children to play and have fun with the organic toys from BiOBUDDi.

Build a better future with your children

Your children are the ones who will have to live on our Earth when you are no longer around. By letting them play with organic toys, they actively contribute to a better world. in the development of BiOBUDDi toys, the future effects are carefully considered. The products are made on a CO2 neutral basis. The final phase of the products also plays an important role. The products must be recyclable and this is the case

Organic toys made from sugarcane

BiOBUDDi makes sustainable toys in which the production process is 100% environmentally friendly. BiOBUDDi makes toy blocks with the non-usable parts of sugarcane. In contrast to oil, this is a sustainable raw material. The building blocks we produce for children are also 100% recyclable. If you decide to dispose of the toys after use, this has no impact on nature. In this way, we can make a positive contribution to the environment with our organic toys. We love nature and we love to make our great products. We want to convey this to our customers, so that they too will love our nature and threat it with the same respect.

Fun educational toys to play with

Organic toys must, of course, be just as much fun to play with as non-sustainable toys. Together with your child, you can for example build a new animal world by using building blocks or create a great pixel art portrait using our pixel blocks. By bringing learning and games together, the toys are also educational. Your child will develop certain skills, such as creativity, imagination, and motor skills by playing with them.

Safe toys

BiOBUDDi distinguishes itself from other toy manufacturers by the sustainable choice of materials, and we are very proud of that. Our environmentally friendly production method is modern and safe. We keep a close eye on this in the Netherlands. All the products are tested by European and global testing organizations. The tests show the biobased content, but also the safety requirements. The tests also prove the lack of chemicals that can be harmful.

Organic toys made in the Netherlands

By making the toys in the Netherlands, we can keep a close eye on the process. We make sure that our toys are genuinely 100% environmentally friendly. BiOBUDDi is 100% made in the Netherlands. We ensure a neutral CO2 use throughout the entire production process.

BiOBUDDi distinguishes itself from other toy manufacturers by the sustainable choice of materials, and we are proud of that. Our environmentally friendly production method is new and safe. Every day we look at possible improvements and we go along with the developments that are taking place.


At the moment, BiOBUDDi produces one of the best selling organic toys in the world. We have started producing large toy blocks for children from 1.5 years old. We now also make toy boxes for an older target group of children. We will be offering toys in even more product groups in the future. The future looks bright. Together we build a better tomorrow.


organic toys