Time to puzzle!

on April 13, 2021

Do you also like to puzzle?

This latest blog is all about puzzles. People are busy doing puzzles and we at BiOBUDDi think that it is great fun. So we thought it was time to create some nice puzzles for the little ones. A new generation of puzzle fans is born and how cool is that! Now you can get to work together with your kid. Start puzzling together at their own level. In this blog we will tell you more about the new sets that are now available in our webshop and resellers.


Why is puzzling so popular among children?

The main thing with puzzles is you can stop whenever you want and continue at any other moment. Puzzles are perfect to sit down for a long time, but also to relax for a quarter of an hour and not think about anything else. This is of course also true for young children, locally they have a different tension curve than older children or adults. The satisfaction when the piece actually fits, brings every young child in complete ecstasy. Those moments that it works give a child confidence and often pleasure. Puzzling can be done alone, but is also great to do together with others. Especially in this quarantine period, puzzling is a fun and social activity. A challenging puzzle is good for young children to develop the brain, to improve motor skills and to train the memory. Let's put it this way: "Puzzling is educational occupational therapy for the youngest".

What puzzles has BiOBUDDi developed?

The design team of BiOBUDDi has been hard at work lately. Their aim was to develop a puzzle that would be challenging and also have multiple functions. They have developed a total of three puzzles with three different and appealing themes. BiOBUDDi is now launching three different mega puzzles. The sets contain 48 large puzzle pieces that children between the ages of 2 and 6 can work with. These puzzles have three different themes:  dinosaur, city life and sea life. It is suitable for both girls and boys in the age category.  

How do you make puzzles more challenging for my little one?

You can complete the puzzle in six steps. If you are still a little too small to complete all six, you can start with step 1. You can support your little one in this, but you can also see how he or she does on their own. If it's too easy, they can complete the puzzle in one go. This puzzle can also be laid down together. Let one child work on step 1 and let the other child work on step 2, eventually they can slide the puzzles together. This is what makes BiOBUDDi puzzles so much fun. At the end you have a mega big puzzle. The puzzles are specially designed for children aged 2 to 6 years. Please note that this is an advisory age and not a mandatory age. 

Puzzle done, now what?

If you thought that it would be all about puzzles , then think again. BiOBUDDi has thought very carefully about these sets. The fun doesn't stop with just making a puzzle. This is a 2 in 1 toy set. When you are done puzzling, you can play memory with the puzzle pieces. Test your little one's memory and play the memory game together. This can be done with several players at the same time. Each set comes with an instruction booklet, so read it carefully and know exactly how to play the memory game with several players. All in all, these toy sets guarantee hours of educational fun.

What makes BiOBUDDi special?

BiOBUDDi strives for a better future and therefore develops environmentally friendly products. From our bio-based materials to our production in the Netherlands, we raise awareness about sustainability and deliver unquestionably safe products. We believe that you can encourage environmental change through the goods that people buy and use every day. When you buy our toys, you can be sure that they have been produced in an environmentally friendly way. Our vision is "Build a better tomorrow"! We try to pursue this vision with everything we have in us. If you have any ideas that you would like to share with us, we would love to hear them. Please contact us.

Where can I order the sets?

You can order the sets in this web store or from our resellers. We wish everyone lots of puzzle fun!