Introducing our new Farm toy line!

on April 08, 2022

Do you also love the farm life so much? Making milk, picking apples, planting trees, moving grain, harvesting with the tractor. We from BiOBUDDi, have developed 4 brand new toy sets on this theme. With the new Farm sets, children can experience the farm life while playing with educational toy blocks! These sets are suitable for children aged 1.5 to 6 years and provide hours of fun. The sets are, of course, as you would expect from us, produced in a completely environmentally friendly way! 

The 4 new sets are: Apple Farm, Pear Farm, Combine harvester and Grain Farm. These sets are compatible with each other, so you can combine two or more sets with each other. In this blog we highlight the toy line and explain what you can expect from it.


The apple farm

This set consists of 38 blocks. This is a somewhat larger set from our farm toy line and for this reason represents lots of fun. By building up the blocks according to the instructions, you can make an apple tree, a market stand with apple crates and a great tractor to give water to the big apple tree. Our prints on the blocks in this set bring more life to the farm. Also the real rolling wheels under the tractor ensure hours of fun after everything has been built up.

This set comes with an easy manual that helps the child to build step by step. If they can't work it out, we advise the parent to have a look at it. After all, what's not to like then learning step by step with your little one.


The pear farm

Fruit is important in life, which is why we made this set for children based on fruits. The kids can harvest pears and transport them with the tractor. This set has 25 toy blocks and is one of the smaller sets in this series, but that doesn't make it any less fun! Our handy click system makes it easy to attach the tractor to the trailer and transport the pears endlessly! 

This set also comes with a handy manual that guides your child step by step. The pear farm also has blocks that are nicely printed. For example in In this set, the pears on the trees are printed. 


The combine harvester 

How cool is this set for your little one? This set has 22 different toy blocks. By following the instructions, you can use the blocks to create an awesome combine harvester! By picking up all the grain, it can be collected in bags and taken away. The driver of the combine harvester is already familiar to us. This character is namely based on one of our colleagues. Can you see what he has in his hair?

The grain farm

As the last set we have the Grain farm. This set consists of 39 toy blocks and is therefore the largest set of this series of products. The Grain Farm also has animals on it, which makes this set even more fun! The cute chicken and rooster have their own little house, so they can take shelter there when it starts to rain.

Furthermore, the Grain farm also consists of a red tractor with a trailer that can pick up grain from for example the combine harvester set, so you can combine several sets of this series and that makes this series extra fun! By playing with these sets, children find out what is needed on a farm. Think of a bucket, tractor and much more! Each set has a different character with a different type of farm. This way our products in this series stay varied, but still connected! On every set there is an overview on the back of the packaging? An overview is an overview of the blocks in the package, very handy to see what kind of fun stuff the set contains!


Are you excited about our new toy line?

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