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Combine harvester


Pear farm


Apple farm


Grain farm


Do you also want to discover the fantastic farm life! You can now do this together with your child or grandchild. With the new eco-friendly Farm toy series from BiOBUDDi, your child will discover a lot about farm life with all the cute animals in a playful way. Start your own farm and build responsibly with the eco-friendly toy blocks.

A super fun bio-based toy series for your son or daughter from 1.5 to 6 years old. The biological building blocks are specially designed for small children's hands, so that they can be enjoyed for hours on end. The new toy series from BiOBUDDi is therefore just as fun as it is educational. You can push the cardboard cards out of the package to create your own world, place the cards on the slot blocks and make your own background. So you can use the environmentally friendly packaging to make the fun even greater! Immerse yourself in your own world with the sustainable building blocks from BiOBUDDi.

The organic toys are made in the Netherlands from a specially designed material based on the residues of sugar cane. Stimulate the fine motor skills and creativity of your toddler with these toys. Playing with toy blocks has been the way to playfully develop a child for many years. The development can now also be done in an environmentally friendly way. Look at the included instruction booklets with your son or daughter and assemble the farm. How nice is it to do this together? View all beautiful farm toy boxes here. It is easy to order on this toy website.