Meet the dinosaurs!

on May 19, 2020

Every child loves dinosaurs! Meet the four eco friendly Dinosaurs toy sets. A dinosaur still appeals to every child. There are millions of dinosaur fans in the world. The dinosaurs have not been found on this earth for a long time, yet it is still super fun to recreate this extinct animal species. BiOBUDDi has developed four unique dinosaurs. The four sets are suitable for children aged 1.5 to 5 years. The blocks from BiOBUDDi feel nice in the hand of a toddler. Easily click the blocks together and also use the express cards from the supplied cardboard packaging to increase the playing and building fun.

We have the following sets:

The organic Stegosaurus toy set is one of the most famous Dinosaurs. This building set consists of 33 parts, 21 building blocks, 6 slot blocks and 7 expression cards and textbook.

Go back to prehistoric times with the new tough Brontosaurus play set from BiOBUDDi. This building set consists of 34 parts, 21 building blocks, 6 slot blocks and 7 expression cards and textbook. Check out this eco friendly Brontosaur toy set now.

The Triceratops toy set, was one of the last large dinosaurs. This cannot be missing from our range of dinosaurs. By building and playing with Triceratops, the child develops creative and cognitive skills. 

Buy the tough T-rex and Pterodactyl dinosaur toy set. Build a very large dinosaur park with your child. This building set consists of 36 parts, 23 building blocks, 6 slot blocks and 7 expression cards and textbook. This building set consists of 38 parts, 25 building blocks, 6 slot blocks and 7 expression cards and textbook.

 With these sets, children playfully learn about the dinosaur and train the motor development. Collect them all together for even more fun.

In this blog we wrote a Dinosaur story for children!:

A long long time ago there were four dinosaurs living in the Netherlands. Those dinosaurs where called Brontosaur, Stegosaur. Triceratops and T-rex. Three of the four dinosaurs loved to eat plants but the T-rex loved meat! Because of this the T-rex always ate all by himself. Brontosaur, Stegosaur and Triceratops felt really bad about the situation and wished that the T-rex could eat with them. They decided they would help! They thought of a plan, should they become carnivores of did they have to make T-rex a herbivore? They tried to eat meat but they soon found out that their teeth where not strong enough. There was only one solution… T-rex had to become a vegetarian. They decided to prepare an amazing dinner full with healthy and delicious plants for their friend the T-rex. All four of them went out and searched through the hills, rivers and in the forest for the perfect plants. They all brought their favorite plants and couldn’t wait for T-rex to try them! Brontosaur took leaves and nuts, Stegosaur had some crystal clear water and lillies while Triceratops brought apples and berries.  On their way home they all had their own tasks. Brontosaur made sure the table looked inviting, Stegosaur prepared dinner and Triceratops went looking for T-rex. After he found his friend T-rex he told him all about their plan. T-rex was moved and overwelmd, he couldn’t believe his ears. As soon as they got home dinner was served and they could start eating. T-rex was surprised, the food tasted great and T-rex was surprised. In the future they could all eat happily together!