A world full of creations..

on February 24, 2023

A new form of BiOBUDDi: Small blocks!

BiOBUDDi does it best to always be improving the products you can choose from and on that note, we are proud to announce the addition of a collection of products that has small blocks and only small blocks!
These small blocks currently have 3 products that will be releasing with the collection and let us tell you something about them in this new blog.

Go on an animal adventure

In this animal adventure you get to see animals from all sorts of different places from our beautiful earth ( the one we're trying to protect with our products! ). Some of these animals are: a cool and cute looking panda, a bright and colorful parrot, king of the animals the lion and a big and smart elephant. 
No matter what kind of animals you like there's a big chance there's something in this for you!

Check out the Animal adventure toy set here.

E-vehicles coming through

Whether you choose to drive around the place you live, go on a road trip, go to stores or just want to enjoy the air driving around is truly the best in these e-vehicles. You can drive in a variety of vehicles, like: A super fast race car, a big and heavy truck and a cop car chasing thieves. These are half of the E-vehicles you can make but find out what others there are by looking at them yourself!

Check out the E-vehicles toy set here.


All the way back in the prehistoric times

Stomping on the ground and dominating the early time of our earth, these massive lizards were the kings until they were not. Everybody loves some dinosaurs and with this creations set you can make a couple of them all by yourself! Some of these dinosaurs include: the spiky tailed ankylosaurus, the mighty and scary t-rex and the pterodactyl soaring through the skies. 

Check out the dinosaur world toy set here.

Some super cool information

Dinosaur world and E-vehicles have something super cool and all new for BiOBUDDi and that is....... GLOW IN THE DARK BLOCKS!!!! But that is not all.... we will also be releasing playmats for the sets to make your world of creations even more vast than ever before! Stuff like puzzles, information, many fun downloadable things. Visit the complete creations collection here.


Why is BiOBUDDi eco-friendly?

BiOBUDDi's organic toy and blocks are made from the sugar cane plant and are produced in the Netherlands. The colorful blocks are in line with children's experiences and are not only environmentally friendly but also recyclable and child-friendly. The entire production process from A to Z is CO2 neutral. The toys have been extensively tested and meet all conditions.