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This page is all about BiOBUDDi promotions. Together with our partner L-Founders of loyalty (L) we provide in sustainable promotional campaigns for kids. Together with retailers, L creates loyalty programmes for today and tomorrow. Giving everyone the opportunity to collect things in life that makes them feel enriched and puts a smile on their face. People that feel good are the essence of loyalty. The best currency to build a strong relationship between companies and customers. Together we have developed kids campaigns that are environmentally friendly. All products are made from the unique natural material of BiOBUDDi. The campaigns are therefore CO2 neutral, biobased, recyclable and made in the Netherlands (EU).


On this page you can find current savings campaigns. You can also contact our customer service directly if there is something wrong with your BiOBUDDi product. If you have any questions, take a look at the FAQs. Don't worry if you miss a manual, these can be easily downloaded below. We wish you a lots of fun playing with our natural product that is made with love. We're here for you if you need help.





Green Village at COOP Italy.

Save for your own Green Village. How cool is that? You can build an entire village with the environmentally friendly toy blocks from BiOBUDDi. This promotion is great fun for children from 4 years old. Start saving stamps quickly at your nearest COOP supermarket in Italy and collect them all. 

Below you will find the sets with which you can collect your own Green Village.



Figurines Biobuddi


Of course there are also figures in every village. Save for the 10 character from the Green Village. The figurines are sweet, funny and cool and you can easily place them on your products or the baseplate


A beautiful sustainable house should be part of your Green Village. This house consists of 103 toy blocks. Build it up easily with the supplied manual. When the building is finished, the fun can begin. The set has very nice elements such as solar panels, green electricity panel, a nice bell and much more.


Yeah, that's the supermarket. This plays an important role in the Green Village. Here the residents buy organic products. A colorful toy product that guarantees hours of fun. The building set consists of 208 toy blocks and comes with an easy manual that guides step by step when building.


In the Green village there is also space for the residents to play. Of course and this is possible in a park. Build the park with seesaw, slide and more. In this large toy set you can also build a car, a dog or a boat. Super fun building set with 400 toy blocks. This large set provides hours of fun.


The school is an important part of the green village. Here the residents children learn to speak, read, write and count. You build this school with 150 toy blocks. The school is open at the back and this allows you to play with the figurines in the school building.


There is an electric taxi to transport the people in green village. Build the taxi from 71 toy blocks. With this taxi you drive through the Green Village. Build and play fun guaranteed.


Trees are an extremely important part of the Green Village. Trees provide oxygen in the air. Build this beautiful tree with 70 toy bricks. The construction booklet guides you step by step. The tree is colorful, educational and above all a real addition to your Green Village.


The toy plate has exactly the same size and functionality as the toy plate from other well-known brands. The big difference is the material, existing brands still make their toy blocks and toy plates mostly from ABS plastic. The green base plate is the foundation of your Green Village. With this you make the village super beautiful. The more base plates you place, the more beautiful. Size: 25*25 CM


Stamps, APP and Activity book

You can save stamps in the COOP supermarkets in Italy. There is also an activity book available and children can download a BiOBUDDi application in the app stores. 






For all promotional conditions, we refer to COOP Italy. We wish everyone a lot of saving, building and playing fun. Let's build our BiOBUDDi vision together. Build a Better Tomorrow!

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