What is the vision and mission of BiOBUDDi?

At its core, BiOBUDDi has always been an eco-friendly toy company. The commitment to sustainability has become a part of the DNA of the family business. 

Our vision: 
Build a better tomorrow! 

Our mission: 
Making products that are safe and do not harm the environment that we live in.


Why is it important to make products that do not harm the environment?

BiOBUDDi believes it is possible to play and have fun with toys without harming the environment. That's the reason we produce eco-friendly toys for children. Everyone has the right to consume products that are safe for their health and safety for the environment that they live in. That's why before learning more about BiOBUDDi, we want to tell you an important thing about our planet.

Global warming:

You've probably heard of global warming. It happens because today we use energy for everything we do. Producing this energy releases carbon dioxide (CO2) into the air. This CO2 contributes to the greenhouse effect, which increases global warming. Our goal is to be part of ending this harmful cycle. Our vision is to build a better tomorrow In order to achieve this, we have committed ourselves to make only products that have a positive impact on CO2 emissions.


What are the BiOBUDDi products made of?

BiOBUDDi toy blocks are made from a side stream of the sugar cane plant processing, a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution. The biobased material offers as much fun as regular building blocks. The additional materials used to package the product are also environmentally friendly. For example, all plastic bags are biobased and also come from the side stream of sugar cane. The cardboard packaging is FSC approved and therefore has no negative impact on nature. Our puzzles are made from hard cardboard and our playing cards are made from FSC paper. We do not use any plastic in the puzzles or playing cards.


What are the differences between the raw material from BiOBUDDi and conventional plastic material?

BiOBUDDi searched for a resource that absorbs carbon dioxide, a resource that is recyclable and usable for the production of toys. BiOBUDDi discovered these traits in sugarcane plants. These plants absorb carbon dioxide to grow while turning it into oxygen. The side stream of this sugarcane processing can be used to create bio-ethanol, this is a kind of alcohol used to create green polyethylene (Green PE). This polyethylene is compounded in Germany on the basis of its own patented formula. lt forms the basis of all BiOBUDDi's renewable plastic products. BiOBUDDi products have a positive impact on CO2 emissions instead of a negative one.


Can the BiOBUDDi products be recycled?

BiOBUDDi considers the entire life cycle of great importance. Not only the production phase but also the final phase of a product is closely examined. Materials that BiOBUDDi uses to make its products can be recycled. lt differs per country whether products are actually recycled. This is a constantly changing and innovative process. lf our products are not recycled, there is still a positive CO2 impact. 


Does the production of BiOBUDDi affect the food chain?

No, it does not. All the materials used by BiOBUDDi do not affect the food chain.


Where are the products made?

BiOBUDDi originated in the Netherlands. To ensure the quality we check the production process from up close. This is also one of the reasons that the toys are produced in the Netherlands. Our process is guaranteed of respect for the earth and the people on it. In order to have the production process entirely in our own hands, it was decided to produce everything ourselves. The entire development of the product takes place with love from the Netherlands. The Netherlands is a beautiful country that values quality and environmental friendliness. We would like to make the message of building a better tomorrow known worldwide through our products. 


Almost all BiOBUDDi products are biobased, what does this mean?

BiOBUDDi is friendly to the environment. The production process cycle, the use and the waste phase of BiOBUDDi's products are entirely eco-friendly. At this moment our main basic material comes trom sugarcane plants, unlike oil, this is a sustainable resource. We reuse a portion that remains in the processing of sugarcane. This portion forms the basis of a natural developed compound that is biobased. Biobased products are those derived from plants and other renewable resources as opposed to non-renewable materials, such as petroleum. BiOBUDDi can prove that its products are biobased through a DIN CERTCO certification from the recognized testing company TÜV Rheinland.


Are the toys safe for young children?

Each box specifies the required age; this way you can tell which play set is suited for your child. All our products are tested according to international toy regulations.


Are the toy blocks used in products as durable as those of different brands?

BiOBUDDi building blocks are sturdy and will last for generations. They are environmentally friendly, this does not mean that they do not last long. The toy sets are just as durable to use as non-environmentally friendly toy sets often made from petroleum or wood. If you no longer want to use the toy, we recommend that you first donate the toy to another family or perhaps a charity. If you want to throw the toy away, hand it into the recycling center nearby. In this way, recycling is guaranteed.


Are the BiOBUDDi toy blocks used in products compatible with blocks of different brands?

The size of the BiOBUDDi building blocks matches the size of those of different brands. The building blocks are therefore compatible with blocks from other brands. So children can easily mix BiOBUDDi blocks together with other blocks. If you already have toy blocks and your home does not through them away but use them together with BiOBUDDi toy blocks.


My play set is incomplete or damaged, what do I do?

Contact BiOBUDDi by phone+31 (0)77 321 0417 or send an E-mail to customerservice@biobuddi.com


Where can I buy BiOBUDDi products?

You can order the BiOBUDDi products in our web shop. BiOBUDDi is now also available at many stores or online stores. We recommend checking this via google.


How can I tell the difference between toys from BiOBUDDi and other producers?

Our toy blocks contain the BiOBUDDi mark. Our other products also contain a BiOBUDDi mark.


What kind of influence do these toys have on my child?

Toy blocks, puzzles, playing cards all help your child’s development. They help stimulating creativity and imagination. Building with the toy blocks helps to develop spatial awareness and motor skills. All BiOBUDDi toys are educational and fun. 


Is the packaging of the products environment friendly as well?

All our packaging is approved by FSC. This certification ensures responsible sources and helps forests remain thriving environments for generations to come. We try to stimulate our customers to re-use our packaging. It is lots of fun to use your packaging as a playing tool with toys. We are constantly developing our packaging strategy.


Does BiOBUDDi plant trees for the planet?

Yes, we do and we are proud of it. The behavior of people and companies causes great damage to the environment. According to science, the large emissions of CO2 have major negative consequences for the future of our beautiful planet. It is for the future of our children that we must contribute to a better future. BiOBUDDi would very much like to contribute.

What do we do concretely?

• We support Plant-for-the-Planet with planting trees in various places worldwide.
• Part of every BiOBUDDi box sold goes to our own Plant-for-the-Planet fund.
• Every year on March 18 (Tree Party Day) we pay extra attention to the fund.
• We keep track of which projects we support and how many trees we have planted on our website.
• BiOBUDDi has set itself the goal of planting 50,000 trees within 3 years.