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Some exciting news about our town collection!

on October 10, 2022

Here at BiOBUDDi we make sure your children aged 1.5 to 6 are always entertained and that's why we're renewing our town collection! 

We're putting a fresh new paint job on our older products police boat and rescue, and that's not all!

BiOBUDDi is releasing two completely new products, these being fire truck and police chase!



Police boat

Oh no! a boat has crashed in the water we need to save them! Quickly build the boat to make sure no one gets hurt. This set consists of 28 different parts and is made completely from the remains of sugar cane. the packaging was created to serve as a part of the product and is made of FSC cardboard. You can push out the cards in the set and put them in their holders so the kids have characters to play with!

This product comes with multiple manuals.




Someone is stuck in the mountains?! Quickly call our mayor so they can get them a rescue helicopter!

With this rescue helicopter there are no limits, it can fly everywhere! Maybe you could even try helping the police boat by flying over where the boat sunk?

This set consists of 27 different parts, push out the cards to get the characters you need to fly the plane and the person you need to save and like many of our other products is completely eco-friendly.

This product comes with multiple manuals.




Fire Truck

A house is on fire and we need to rush there to put out the fire! Quickly build the truck to help us mayor!

This set consists of 26 colored blocks, many different blocks for even more options to play! Help a cat out of a tree or put out a fire it's all up to your imagination. Try putting this set together with some of our other town sets like helping the rescue helicopter by putting out fires

Like many of our product these blocks are made from the remains of sugar cane and are eco-friendly.

This product comes with multiple manuals.



Police chase

Oh no! there's been a robbery, let's quickly go after the thief after you build the police car mayor! don't forget to turn on your siren.

This set consists of 22 colored blocks and are made from the remains of sugar cane which makes them eco-friendly. Chase after the robbers car with the police car or maybe even try making a bigger car with all the blocks?! Options are limitless in this town.

This product comes with multiple manuals.




A sad note to end on.

sadly with the addition of our newest product comes the news that our older sets: Fire truck, Fire department and Bank will be leaving.

We hope that at least these sets have brought joy to as much people as possible and we hope that the new products are received well as they will be replacing the older ones.