Breaking toy news!

on February 04, 2021

BiOBUDDi has some great news!

We have done some amazing product development. Namely the small baseplates! The base plate is the basis to build on with the large blocks from BiOBUDDi or the small blocks from the well-known toy brands. 

Read our latest press release below about our new product. 

BiOBUDDi is the name of the Dutch brand that is growing in the toy market. BiOBUDDi has developed a patented material in collaboration with the Wageningen University in The Netherlands. This material forms the base for all their toy productions that take place in the Netherlands. The toy brand is launching this month with a toy plate known in the toy market as the “LEGO” base plate but this one has more! The base plate is the starting point when you start building with the famous blocks. The big difference: The toy plate is manufactured CO2 neutral from biobased material. Previously, the BiOBUDDi already introduced biobased toy blocks to the market. 

Steven van Bommel (CEO BiOBUDDi) explains: “Conventional plastic toys based on oil products cause between 2-7 times the net weight of greenhouse gasses.” Our new “green” biobased toys contain 0% oil-based chemicals, because our raw materials come from the sugar cane plant, not oil. We also do not add oil-based chemicals in the manufacturing process to improve the performance or color of our product. In the last year we have seen an enormous increase in interest in our material. We started patenting our material in time together with Wageningen University. On this basis, we have now entered into a partnership with a market leader in the field of kid’s savings campaigns. We want to change the loyalty / savings market with them. With our material, retailers can set up a fully circular savings campaign. The toy plate that we have developed shows that we can make anything from our biobased material. With a certification from testing organization TÜV Rheinland in Germany we demonstrate the degree of Biobased content. 

The BiOBUDDi toy plate is available immediately. The toy brand expects to deliver the toy plate in more than 50 countries worldwide within a few months. The toy brand is expanding its range further this year with other toy concepts, such as puzzles and more. The company expects to achieve a 50% increase in turnover across its entire range this year.