Plant for the Planet

on May 17, 2021

BiOBUDDi Purchase = A new tree  = More air to breath

Behavior of people and companies causes great damage to  the environment. According to science, the large emissions of CO2 have major negative consequences for the future of our beautiful planet. It is for the future of our children that we must contribute to a better future. BiOBUDDi would very much like to contribute.

What does BiOBUDDi do in concrete terms?

• We support Plant-for-the-Planet with planting trees in various places worldwide.
• Part of every BiOBUDDi box sold goes to our own Plant-for-the-Planet fund.
• Every year on March 18 (Tree Party Day) we pay extra attention to the fund.
• We keep track of which projects we support and how many trees we have planted on our website.
• BiOBUDDi has set itself the goal of planting 20,000 trees within 3 years. 


Why does BiOBUDDi specifically support the Plant-for-the-Planet foundation?

For many adults, the future means the next 20 or 30 years, but for children that means the next 80 or 90 years. Whether the sea level will rise by 1, 2 or 3 meters is an academic question for many elderly people, for children it is of vital importance. The school initiative Plant-for-the-Planet was created in 2007 as a result of the homework on climate change by the then 9-year-old Felix. While collecting information, he came into contact with the Kenyan Wangari Maathai, who has planted 30 million trees in 30 years. When writing his essay, Felix has set out the vision: In every country, children can plant 1 million trees, 1 tree binds about 10 kg of CO2 per year, and about 3 tons of CO2 during its entire life. At the same time, each tree is also a symbol of climate justice. Together we want to show children that everyone can do something and that we can solve problems as one big world family.


Why do we choose to plant trees?

For the sake of simplicity, a tree is composed of its leaves, stems, trunks, and roots. When you look at a tree, please note that about 5% of the trees are made up of leaves, 15% of the stems, 60% of the trees enter the trunk, and 20% of the trees are roots.

This is the superhero part. Through a process called photosynthesis, the leaves absorb carbon dioxide and water and use the sun's energy to convert them into chemical compounds such as sugars such as trees. However, as a by-product of this chemical reaction, oxygen is produced and released by trees. It is recommended that a large tree can provide oxygen for up to four people a day.

Trees also store carbon dioxide in their fibbers, helping to clean the air and reduce the negative impact that carbon dioxide may have on the environment. According to the Arbor Day Foundation, a year later, a mature tree will absorb more than 48 pounds of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and release oxygen in exchange.

So next time you take a deep breath, please praise a tree or hug a tree to thank it for the benefits it brings us-the air we breathe. 

The 2 main reasons to feel good about this.

1. You feel better because when you are doing something remarkable. Environmental protection is very beneficial to us because we will feel that life is doing well. We have a purpose, we are saviours, we are heroes. We feel peaceful and fulfilled, we know that we are doing our best to make us happy and healthy, but at the same time we also help those around us.

2. Helping our children to have a better future. In each region, children can plant one million trees, and one tree can absorb about 10 kilograms of carbon dioxide each year, and it can absorb about three tons of carbon dioxide in its lifetime. Together, we hope to show children what everyone can do and how we can solve problems as a world family.


Our social media campaign

It's time for action!

BiOBUDDi has started planting trees.

Building a better tomorrow that is BiOBUDDi's vision. We like to do this together with our customers. It is crucial that commercial parties take responsibility. We take this responsibility by making sustainable products, but we want to do more. Our interest is not only to make a profit, but the interest is much greater. For this reason, BiOBUDDi supports the Plant-for-the-Planet foundation. To celebrate this with you, we go a step further. We ask children to send us a craftwork or drawing on the theme of trees. This can be done exactly as the child wants it. In return for every craft or drawing work we receive we will plant a tree in The Bosawas forest in Nicaragua.


Will you help us?

To help children on their way, we also have coloring plates available. Download them here:

Own creations are also welcome. Choose what you like and send a picture of your creation to our instagram or facebook chat or mail them to our design team at

Soon we will post all of those beautiful crafts on our website to honor them forever ! 

Promotion conditions:
1. Promotion will run from 18 May till the 9th of June.
2. We will share the official certificate of the Trees planted after the promotion is done. Read here all about the project:
3. craft or drawing work can be send in per mail ( , per social media respons, or per post see our website for the contact details.

ps. Want to see the trees BiOBUDDi already planted. See our forest map here: