New toy line Pixel & Create

on December 12, 2019

What started as a building block toy brand known for its colorful blocks, is now growing into a eco-friendly toy brand with a wider range of products. We had months of hard work and brainstorm sessions to come up with this new concept. We have designed and set up a unique toy concept for young and older children. The new concept is called Pixel & Create. At the international toy fair in 2020 we present our all-new Pixel & Create toy line. The toy line will consist of several themes. Young and old, small or large – the line guarantees fun!

All-new Pixel & Create toy line.

Pixel & Create looks like embroidery and ironing beads, only you don’t need a needle and thread and the ironing beads don’t fly around your ears either. The bio-based blocks with a hole at the bottom and a stud at the top are called pixel blocks. To use Pixel & Create you need a base plate, a drawing and pixel blocks. You have two types of Pixel & Create drawings, the 2D version for children from 3 to 5 years and the 3D version for children from 5 years and older. Grown ups are also welcome to play with the new Pixel & Create sets from BiOBUDDi.

BiOBUDDi has developed a large starter package. The starter pack is supplied with many pixel blocks, connectable base plates, which stick to each other through the supplied coupling strips and various 2D and 3D construction cards. The set also includes a tool to easily release the pixel blocks!

The starter package can be expanded with additional items. After presenting Pixel & Create at the international toy fairs of 2020 we will inform all of you about the new line. Our design team is currently working hard to complete the concept. The development of the drawings in particular is the focus of attention for now.

The line will be available in stores in the mid of 2020. Keep following us an we will keep you posted on our developments in creating new toys that inspire.