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New website!

on June 23, 2020

We got a new website and we are proud!

The past 3 years BiOBUDDi grew and we got had the opportunity to expand our range, improve the quality and  product designs of our toys.

We won awards and people got more aware of our brand. Our goal? Build a better tomorrow, after all a better tomorrow starts with you. 

While our building blocks became more well known, our range of products grew with this publicity. Eventually we decided that our biobased material should be used for more than just building blocks. Because of this we created Pixel&Create, a toyline under BiOBUDDi’s name that is not only for the really young ones but alsof a lot of fun among the older children! 

Our building block collection became bigger and bigger, more sets more licenses and more building fun. Unfortunately this ment that our website could no longer keep up with this growth. It got slow and didn’t function the way it should be functioning anymore. It became hard to keep a clear website and so we had to do something! We created a new website.

The past few weeks we worked hard and had crazy brainstorm sessions but now we are proud to announce that we are able to present a better, faster, clearer and equally beautiful new website. We kept our own identity and appearance but added the new sets, products and toys. We kept in mind that the future will bring even more different toys, licenses and challenges so we sure this website can grow with us for the next few years!

So, starting from today, it is even easier to purchase BiOBUDDi online. Today we launch our brand new webshop. To celebrate this, we give a 25% introduction discount on every purchase fort he ext 2 weeks. The new webshop is quick and easy to use. SHOP NOW and enjoy our environmentally friendly toys!