Looking at 2022!

on January 06, 2022

We first would like to wish everyone a happy and healthy 2022! In 2021 we have seen more and more families and schools having fun with our toy sets. We hope to see many happy faces also in 2022. With this blog we will inform you about what is to come in 2022. BiOBUDDi is going to expand its range! Of course we keep our vision in mind "Build a better tomorrow!".

AWESOME NEWS: BiOBUDDi starts producing small building blocks

In 2021 we were asked many times when BiOBUDDi would start producing small toy blocks. We couldn't report it yet, but we were already busy with it. After extensive and intensive research, we succeeded in producing the blocks in the most eco-friendly way possible. Awesome isn’t it!?

A unique development with BiOBUDDi who is the first in the world to make biobased toy blocks. The current small toy blocks are still made from oil by other brands and this results in enormous negative CO2 emissions. BiOBUDDi will produce small toy blocks with positive CO2 emissions. 

This is a step that everyone has been waiting for. In 2022 we will present brand new sets with small toy blocks that are compatible with the well-known brands! 


In 2022 BiOBUDDi will present a new concept around the well-known dominoes. Playing with dominoes has been popular in every living room for years. The dominoes will of course be made from the unique BiOBUDDi material, which makes it biobased. 

The play sets not only contain many dominoes, but also beautiful scenes made of high-quality cardboard. It provides a unique play experience for children. The target group for these sets is children 4 and up. The products will be presented during the start of 2022.

Expansion in current range of big blocks

In 2022, the large block toy line for children 1,5 to 6 will not be forgotten. A brand new farm line will be presented. The new elements of wheels and trailers have been incorporated in this line, which gives the playing pleasure a significant boost. 

4 Unique building sets that are going to be real bangers in 2022!  Here's a sneak preview.

Collaboration for the educational market.

BiOBUDDi and Rolf Education , two ambitious and innovative companies, will start working together exclusively for the educational market.

BiOBUDDi now has a wide range of materials for nurseries and schools. In the past year, both parties started working together with great enthusiasm to make the range even better. This ultimately resulted in this exclusive collaboration.

Rolf Education is therefore from now on the exclusive supplier of the BiOBUDDi educational range and will supply all BiOBUDDi customers worldwide. The collaboration offers opportunities for both parties, with the first result being the introduction of small biobased building blocks at the beginning of 2022! A unique step on the toy market, for the time being all small well-known building blocks are made from oil-based plastics. From now on there is a CO2 positive alternative!