Green Friday!

on November 23, 2020

2020 has been already an incredible year. A year in which we as the most sustainable brand in the toy industry have chosen for Green Friday instead of Black Friday. On Green Friday we are coming with enormous discounts on all of our eco-friendly toy products.

These discounts are starting on the 27th of november and are valid till the 30th of November. Now is the time to shop for all of your Holiday presents. We are more than ready to fulfill all of your environmentally gift needs for this Christmas period that is ahead of us. The Green Friday festival starts with an awesome Give away promotion. From Monday on you can participate through facebook or instagram. The winner will be announced on Green Friday, this s also the moment when all the other promotions will start!

With the Give Away there is a big price that you can win! It’s the pixel & create starter set with a value of €34,95! With this set you can create both 2D and 3D creations. Let a child's imagination go wild with this amazing organic toy set for children 4 and up! 

This are our promotions for the Green Friday weekend!

We start with a discount on the complete assortment of 20% on Wednesday and Thursday. (Please Note: This discount will be applied automatically).

On Friday we offer a huge discount (35%) on the education play sets! (Please Note: This discount will be applied automatically).

There is also the opportunity to buy the Boutique set and Fashion store as a package deal this Friday. There will be 25% discount on the fashion store and boutique making it cost only 30€ instead of 40€. Please note: In order to receive this discount you have to use the code ‘GREEN FRIDAY’ in our webshop.

 Angry Saturday

On Saturday we give an enormous discount on the new Angry Birds collection! You get 20€ discount if you buy all for sets. This makes the price of all the Angry Birds sets not 60€ but only 40€. Please note: This discount is applied automatically if you order these items on Saturday. Surprise Sunday

If you didn't win our giveaway don't be sad because on Sunday we are going to do a nice discount on the pixel & create sets! If you buy the starter kit we will offer you an expansion block set of your choice for free. Please Note: This discount is applied automatically if you add a starter kit and expansion block on Sunday

And on Surprise Sunday we also offer the BIG learning to create set with 3 baseplates with a whopping 30% off! Please Note: In order to receive this discount you have to use the code ‘Learning’ in our webshop.Toy Monday 

And on Monday we have our last but most certainly not least offer. We offer 30% discount on all of our animal planet play sets! Please Note: This discount is applied automatically when adding a play set of the animal planet collection.


Why Green Friday?

You  are probably asking yourself why we call It Green Friday at BiOBUDDi and not Black Friday. This is because we from BiOBUDDi would like to create more awareness for creating a better environment and what everyone could do to contribute to this goal. Together we can build a better tomorrow!

Much of the toy factories are still using oil to create their products. This has to stop because the environment is now more than ever asking for our cooperation so that it won’t go out of hand. And the temperature will not go up even higher.

That’s why BiOBUDDI wants to make a difference and creates all of their products in the Netherlands with leftovers from the sugarcane plant. This is 100% CO2 neutral and the products maintain the high-quality standard as you are used to from BiOBUDDi. From manual to packaging to the product itself all of it is Eco-Friendly. The fact that our products are eco-friendly doesn’t mean that they have a lower life span than the other brands. Our building blocks and sets last just as long as toys from plastic!

With the Green Friday deals we are giving you the perfect opportunity to test our eco-friendly products at a very low price and judge for yourself.

We wish you a happy shopping experience and feel free to contact us for ideas , suggestions or thoughts.