Fun animal facts!

on July 14, 2020

Animal Planet

Get to know the new toy line in collaboration with toy animals Animal Planet. Suitable for children aged 1.5 to 6 years. In this blog we tell fun facts about several animals that occur in the Animal Planet series from BiOBUDDi. 
Do you think the animals are cool and would you like to build one at home? Order your favorite organic toy set. Have fun reading the facts.


Kangaroos are from Australia. They hop around quickly on their two strong legs, or they walk around slowly on all four of their legs. It’s impossible for them to walk backwards. A kangaroo’s diet exists of grass, flowers, leaves, ferns, moss and insects. Kangaroos are known for carrying their young in a pouch. A kangaroo’s young are called a joey. A joey can be as small as a grain of rice or as big as a bee. Right after birth a joey is guided safely into the pouch where it stays 120 to 450 days. Check out BiOBUDDi’s Kangaroo organic toy set


Crocodiles are the largest, heaviest reptiles. Crocodiles can make journeys of several kilometers and still find their homes with ease. Crocodiles can become 70 years old, of those 70 years you can find them underwater for most of their life. They can open their jaw underwater for food. A crocodile’s diet is different per age, young crocodiles eat insects, crustaceans, snails, small fishes, frogs and tadpoles. Older crocodiles mainly eat fish, waterfowl and mammals. Crocodiles are unable to sweat so to cool off they open their mouths. Check out our eco friendly crocodile toy set!


Crabs live in the water. 200 million years ago the first crabs showed up and now there are thousands of different species. Crabs are related to insects and spiders, but crabs have ten legs including their walking legs and claws. They communicate by drumming or waving their claws. They eat anything that fits in their mouth. A crab’s pregnancy lasts up to one or two weeks and lay between 1000 and 2000 eggs. Complete your organic toy collection with the Animal Planet Crab


The cobra is the most dangerous snake in the world. The name cobra comes from Portuguese “cobra de capello” which means hooded snake. The cobra species ranges from 28 to 270 depending on how a cobra is defined. Cobras are large snakes; many get longer than 2 meters. The largest cobra species is the king cobra which can get to a length of 5,5 meters. Cobras use their tongue to smell their prey, they can spit and spray their venom to catch their prey. Sometimes they play dead to catch the prey easily. Cobras occur throughout Africa, the middle east, India, southeast Asia and Indonesia. They like to live in hot, tropical areas. They like to spend their time underground, under rocks and by trees. Check out this organic Cobra toy set!


Chameleons are lizards, there are 202 different chameleon species. Almost half of the known species live in Madagascar. Unlike other lizards they can’t regrow their tail. Chameleons can change to the colour of their environment as a way of camouflage or communication. They can also look in two different directions. Their diet exists of crickets, ants, snails, waxworms, butterflies, caterpillars, wasps, praying mantises, flies and even smaller lizards. They shoot their tongue to catch their meal. Add this eco-friendly Chameleon to your Animal Planet collection.


Turtles are reptiles, they have evolved over millions of years which makes them one of the oldest reptiles. They have hard shells that protect them from predators, their shell is made out of 60 bones which include their rib cage and spine. A turtle’s shell is a part of their body so they can’t get out, the shell grows with them. Turtles live all over the world in almost every type of climate. Even though they live in every type of climate they aren’t social animals, they don’t interact or socialize with other turtles when they are around. Check out this cool eco friendly Turtle toy set!


Monkeys are clever social animals. They are intelligent animals that are good at solving problems. They live in groups together; a group of monkeys consists of many females, including young and one or more males. To communicate with each other they use facial expressions, body movements and various noises. They live in Africa, Asia and south America. The most monkeys live in rainforests, where they are running and leaping through the trees. Their diet exists of plants, fruits, flowers, seeds, shoots, roots, leaves and insects. Some monkeys eat bird eggs or small animals. We love monkeys and their silly acts, do you love monkeys as much as we do? Complete your Animal Planet collection with this organic monkey toy set!



Frogs live all over the world and are the most diverse animals in the world with more than 6000 different species. They are social animals that live in groups. To reproduce, frogs need to be around areas with water. They absorb water through their skin, so they don’t have to drink. Some frogs have toxic skin, usually the frogs with the poison skin have bright colors to warn other predators that they are toxic. Another way of survival is camouflage, many frogs have mottled green or brown skin to help them blend in with their surroundings. A frog’s diet exists of bugs, spiders, worms, slugs, larvae and small fish. They shoot their tongue to catch their meal and come out when it rains. In the past people used to think that frogs fell out of the sky when it rained, they tried to catch frogs to prove it. Catch your own eco friendly frog toy set now!


Camels are known for the humps on their backs. In their humps they can store up to 36 kg of fat, which they can live off for months. Camels are able to drink in just 13 minutes 113 liters of water. A camel’s diet exists of mainly plants. A camel’s body has evolved to fit their habitat, the camel has 2 rows of eyelashes and a third clear eyelid to protect their eyes for sand. They have thick skin on their chest and legs so that they can sit comfortably in the hot sand and they can shut their nostrils in sandstorms. Camels are social animals; they like to stay in groups together and greet each other by blowing in each other’s faces. Get the Animal Planet Camel toy set now!


Eagles are easy to recognize by their size, wide wings, heavy head, large hooked beak, powerful legs and sharp talons. There are more than 70 different kinds of eagles. They are expert flyers with amazing eyesight. The eagles diet exists of fish and small animals. To catch the pray they circle around them in the sky, they wait for the perfect moment and then dive down. They can dive at speeds of 150 miles an hour. This eco friendly toy set does not only include an eagle but a parrot and safari plane too! Check out this cool organic Eagle toy set and fly together with the Animal Planet toy collection.


Parrots are believed to be one of the most intelligent birds. They are known for imitating human voices and their colorful feathers. They are social birds. There are more than 350 different kinds of parrots. All parrots have eight toes, four on each foot and can become around a 100 years old! Their diet exists of fruit, seeds, berries, nuts, buds, nectar, pollen, insects and small animals. Get this colorful parrot now in the Animal Planet Plane toy collection!


Rhinos are usually grey, black or brown and weigh an average of 1360 kg. despite their weight they are fast runners. Their thick 1,5 cm skin protects them together with their horn which grows 8 cm a year. Even tough rhinos have poor eyesight their sense of smell and hearing is great. Rhino’s use their poop to let other rhino’s know it’s their territory. Their diet exists of grass, shoots, leaves, fruits, berries and buds. They visit water holes daily to get a nice drink and bath. Love animals? You should totally check out our organic rhino toy set!


Clownfish are all born as males. When the predominantly female dies the predominantly male will turn himself into a female. Another name for clownfish is anemone fish. They live in warmer salt waters in the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean. There are around 30 known species of clownfish. They communicate by making popping or clicking noises. This cute set doesn’t only contain a clownfish. You will also find a beautiful seahorse and a yellow submarine. Come and dive with us, check out this eco friendly clown fish toy set!


Seahorses are fish, even though they are fish they are poor swimmers. They have a horse shaped head with a long snout. They are the only known animal where the male carries the babies. There are 54 known species, these species can be found in the Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. Their diet exists up to 3000 shrimp per day! Let’s explore the deep sea together and get to know our seahorses. Get these deep sea creatures with this eco friendly submarine toy set.