BiOBUDDi and Oddbods

on December 07, 2020

Oddbods and BiOBUDDi have been working together to make a fantastic product for all oddbods fans!

  • BiOBUDDi makes durable products that are 100% eco-friendly plant based and do not contain any plastic materials.
  • Oddbods is a comic animation series about seven colorful and soft, hairy figures who live together on a square. The series was produced by Singapore-based studio One Animation.

The series revolves around seven hairy characters with different colors who have to survive all kinds of daily annoyances. They have very different characters and at most communicate with gestures. This leads to very unusual situations

You can watch the show on Netflix, YouTube, Disney Channel and Boomerang and on many more channels.

Oddbods and BiOBUDDi put their brains together and made an educational Eco Blocks toy set, targeted at children aged 1,5 to 6 years old! The eco blocks are fully plant-based building blocks which contain no oil-based plastic at all. The set comes with the a lot of colored toy blocks, 7 unique blocks with Oddbods print on it, 6 animal push out cards, a nice and big push out background and a learning/activity book.  The set is educational and guarantees hours of playing and building fun.

The convenient thing about the eco blocks is that they are fully compatible with all of your other building blocks! So you can use well known other toy blocks together with this building set.

The set includes a lot of building blocks. There are a whopping 41 blocks in the set!

If you like BiOBUDDi and are a fan of Oddbods you can shop the Oddbods eco blocks here.


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