BiOBUDDi is present at the International Toy Fairs.

on December 23, 2022

What a year!

The year 2022 is over. What a year it was!🙃 At BiOBUDDi we have been able to add beautiful new products to our toy range. We will happily continue this year with making toys in the most eco-friendly way in the Netherlands.🌱

We are now looking forward to the largest toy fairs in the world, where we launch our new ranges for different age groups at the beginning of next year. Next to all this we will off course also plant more new trees around the world and keep working on our vision "Build a Better Tomorrow!".💚

Lots of things coming up in 2023. Please keep following our brand.😘

BiOBUDDi at the International toy fairs. 

BiOBUDDi will again be present at the largest toy fairs in the world in 2023. Due to the outbreak of the corona virus, the brand was sadly unable to show its brand new products at the fair for two years. In those two years we have definitely not been sitting still, so this is a great moment to show our renewed range. There are now toys for all ages. Toys that are made in the Netherlands from a unique environmentally friendly material. All our products are CO₂ neutral from start to finish. Do you want to know everything about our extensive range? Would you like to get to know our novelties? Visit us at the largest toy fairs in the world in London and Nürnberg, Germany.

In London we can be found at Stand number: E66
Date: 23. - 26. January 2023

In Nürnberg We can be found in Hall: H3A at Stand number: D-09
Date: 1. - 5. Februar 2023


Our super looking brand new packaging. 

For really eco-friendly toys you have to come to BiOBUDDi in 2023.🤩 We have an extensive range for young and older children. We would like to tell you that our products are now even better packed and presented in stores. We have developed a packaging line that shows our brand story in the way it should be showed. It can be found in the use of color, font and layout. You can say that we have developed a real "Bio" look.🌱🙌

Besides the fact that the boxes look eco-friendly, they are also sourced in this way. The product packaging is FSC certified. Next to that the packages are also technically so ingenious that they fit exactly on pallets. From now on we transport well filled pallets and this saves us money and the globe CO2. The product packaging also has a double function, namely that of storage. When a child has finished playing, they can easily store the toys in our packaging.🙂


The introduction of new sets.

After long research and test productions, we are now really ready. BiOBUDDi launches toy sets for retail with small blocks. We have two lines available from March 2023 and April 2023. A toy line for children 4 to 8 years. This is a Sea life toy line where large blocks are combined with small toy blocks. These are super fun sets for children in the transition from large blocks to small toy blocks.

We will also have a line with three different small toy blocks sets available in April 2023. These sets are suited for children in the age of 4 and even adults can play with these sets. The themes are  animals, e-vehicles and dinosaurs. The sets will have some glow in the dark elements in it. How amazing is that? Our small BiOBUDDi toy blocks are not made from oil , but from the side stream of the sugarcane plant. A unique and innovative development that has changed the toy world forever.

Keep an eye on us, visit us at the fair or contact us directly. BiOBUDDi will pop off the shelves in 2023.