Creating with Animal Planet

on January 21, 2020

BiOBUDDi partners with Animal Planet. 

A unique collaboration is born. BiOBUDDi and Animal Planet have joined forces for a new eco friendly line of toy products. Both brands are very concerned about nature and the future of our new generation. Animal Planet is a cable and satellite television network.

First established on October 1, 1996, the network is primarily devoted to series and documentaries about wild animals and domestic pets. The channel was originally a joint venture with BBC Worldwide, and favored educational programming such as nature documentaries.

BiOBUDDi makes all its toys in the Netherlands from its own patented and environmentally friendly material. BiOBUDDi is excited to partner with a big name like Animal Planet to offer kids a new line of sustainable building blocks. BiOBUDDi designed this line to make it exciting for kids to learn about animals. All the products feature artwork of animals in nature. It fosters a greater appreciation for animals and inspires kids to learn more about them. Children want to discover the world at a young age. How can this be accomplished better than with your favorite toy blocks. Each toy set contains blocks, memory cards and an Animal Planet textbook. Step by step the child will build their own unique animal world. In the meantime, the child learns everything about the animal and at the end plays a fun memory game. Infinite fun with these eco friendly Animal Planet building sets.

The following themes are used in the different sets:













The animals come from the real world. These animals can all be seen in the well-known series of Animal Planet. When all sets are assembled together, a unique animal world has been created. 

The entire toy line consists of 13 different organic building sets. The toy sets are suitable for children from 1.5 to 6 years old. The toy sets will hit the shelves of the bigger retailers in the spring of 2020. The sets will also be available online in the BiOBUDDi webshop.