A whole new collection?! Introducing: Domino 360.

on October 17, 2022
First off we have to address the elephant in the room, BiOBUDDi's NEWEST COLLECTION!!!! Domino 360 is something brand new for BiOBUDDi but known
around the world already and this set is made for 4 year olds to 99 years old!


Domino 360

Dominoes have always been a favorite among kids and even older generations still play with them (we know you do!) and what better way to play with dominoes than when you can use sustainable, eco-friendly created dominoes.
Our dominoes are made from an otherwise unusable residue from sugar cane processing which makes it great for the environment with the creation making almost no carbon footprint!


Yes, dominoes. Dominoes are very versatile and we have made our sets very big as they have 150+ dominoes which means that you can make tracks of over 5 meters long(roughly 16.4 feet for the people who use feet)! 
There is many different things you can do with this many dominoes, another thing you could do is make a track that goes up a box or a chair.
Cardboard toy Inside of the boxes are pieces of FSC Cardboard that you can build up to make the dominoes look like they're going through the entire world!
The cardboard just like the dominoes is completely CO2 Neutral meaning it will leave no carbon footprint.
The choices are pretty wide as we have: Domino Castle, Domino Space and
Domino City.


Domino Castle

In this set you build a castle out of the cardboard and bring your dominoes to the medieval times. No idea how to build a castle? No problem as we make sure all of them come with a manual to help you along.
This set also comes with 10 figurines so you can truly feel like its a castle and can play with the figurines along with the dominoes!


Domino Space

In this se- sorry let me put on my astronaut suit first to explain because we're in space! In this set you get to go to space and make your figurines float as the dominoes fly down to the ground. Just like the other set this comes with a cardboard creation and this one is the space. So what are you waiting for? Create space and go have fun!


Domino City

Wow can you hear that? That's the sound of the bustling city scape and let's enjoy ourselves while we're in this beautiful city. Put together the cardboard using your trusty manual and put down your dominoes around this city.
Make sure you take out all the citizens or it would be a very quiet city!


One last word

Now that you know all the sets that we have, remember that all of these are CO2 neutral and leaves no carbon footprint and even the package it comes in is completely recyclable.
Maybe even try to put all the sets together to create one big world with a massive tracks of dominoes going through all of it!