A new collaboration: EurekaKids x BiOBUDDi

on October 05, 2022
We're celebrating the announcement of a new collaboration between international toy brand EurekaKids and BiOBUDDi. This collaboration consists of 3 sustainable and eco-friendly toy blocks sets for kids from 2 years old to 6 years old to enjoy. 

About EurekaKids

EurekaKids is an international toy brand with toys ranging from for just fun to educational toys. They support stores and have their own stores that people can apply to start on their website and they will then support those people by training them. As you might imagine they already have sustainable toys but BiOBUDDi is a new contender among them furthering the size of their collection.

Create Blocks

This set is all about playing using your imagination as all the blocks have prints on them ranging from a little robot on the block to a submarine!
These blocks were created with vibrant colors with the idea of stimulating your child's vision and building helps improve their motor skills!
this set is made for 2 year olds to 6 year olds and has 40 pieces that are all fun to play with!



Truck Blocks

Vroom Vroom! honk honk! that's the truck carrying those cars making all that noise! Create this truck with the cars for hours of fun racing them around.
This set 38 pieces and teaching your kids that a car can be sustainable might help them make that link when they're older. The cars are nice and interesting colors to give the children more things to look at and maybe even mix and match colors!

Plane Blocks

Can you hear the engine from the plane roaring? I hope you can because it's flying over us as we speak. Let's build these planes together and fly around and all of that on solar energy! The plane set consists of 38 pieces and is made for 2 year olds to 6 year olds.
Letting kids play with planes can help fuel their imagination and the colors will improve their vision.