50 new trees planted!

on July 08, 2021

50 new trees planted after giveaway 

BiOBUDDi makes toys with a mission. We don't want to harm the environment around us. This starts by making all our toys in an environmentally friendly way. Every toy set we make is completely environmentally friendly and does not harm the environment. It just doesn't stop here. We want to do more. Therefore, from this year on we are planting trees around the globe. We would like to do this together with our followers and customers. As you may already know, we set up a giveaway promotion for our customers and followers not so long ago. We asked our followers to send us a nice drawing or craftwork. In return, we would plant a tree for them. A unique promotion that has led to a lot of nice reactions. Through this blog, we can report that we were able to plant no less than 50 new trees due to this awesome promotion. This was possible thanks to your help. We are happy to tell you more about where the trees will be planted. 


50 new trees in Nicaragua 

BiOBUDDi has sponsored 50 new trees to the Ecopower International Initiative. This initiative appealed to us enormously because it immediately benefits the environment but also the people living in the area. This initiative aims to put an immediate stop to the consumption of precious wood as a fuel source which is a major contributing factor to the decline of our rain forests. They would like to restore the Biosphere Bosawas back to 100% health, starting with the first 5% in 2021 and over the next 20 years restore over 600,000 hectares of destroyed rain forest with both Castor and Tropical Indigenous trees. Next to that, the initiative empowers rural indigenous communities by way of planting trees such as endangered tropical varieties together with Castor Trees, the seeds of which are used to produce a vegetable oil that is then transformed into renewable clean energy in the form of nontoxic bio-combustibles. Rural Indigenous communities and individual families can then make their own clean renewable non-toxic energy that is reliant on the regenerative restoration and reforestation of rain forests. 

See here a video of the Ecopower International Initiative:



Thank you 

We never expected to receive so many beautiful coloring pages and crafts. We are extremely grateful for this. Parents drawing with their kids and even teachers letting their complete class draw! We are very happy and want to thank all of you! Together we can build a better tomorrow!  

Download the official certificate of the trees that were planted here !

Our map 

Want to see the trees BiOBUDDi already planted in this great world. 

See our forest map here: