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32x32 Baseplate Watermelon pink
32x32 Baseplate Watermelon pink
32x32 Baseplate Watermelon pink
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32x32 Baseplate Watermelon pink

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The first toy base plate made of plant-based material in the world.

The toy plate has exactly the same size and functionality as the toy plate from other well-known brands. The big difference is the material, existing brands still make their toy blocks and toy plates mostly from ABS plastic. ABS Plastic originates from petroleum and is very polluting during production. Also, ABS plastic is not easy to recycle and the discarded ABS is burned in the incinerator. Already for many years, this results in unprecedented CO2 emissions. The BiOBUDDi toy plate is not made from an oil-based raw material but from our BiOBUDDi plant-based material.

The entire production process of the toy plate is therefore CO2 neutral, the material is also just as durable in use as the plate of the other well-known brands. The best part of the BiOBUDDi material is that it can also be reused and this is already happening, if it is eventually incinerated, it also has a positive CO2 emission. The range has got 7 different colors. The plates are all the exact same size: 25 * 25 cm. The plates are compatible with bigger BiOBUDDi blocks and smaller blocks from the well-known brand.

Important notes

Environmentally friendly, recyclable, and sustainable.
Easy to use, safe, color right, and easy to clean.
Compatible with small and large building blocks of other brands.
A great addition to your collection of building blocks.


25*25 CM
32*32 knobs
Contains a colored baseplate.
Age: 1,5 - 6

Tips & Tricks

Each creation needs a foundation, this baseplate is a perfect addition to any builder’s collection. Take a look at the other playsets of the BiOBUDDi collection to fill up this baseplate with other environment-friendly toys.

Matériel: Matériau écologique, biosourcé et breveté
Construire un avenir meilleur, telle est la vision de BiOBUDDi. Nous aimons le faire avec nos clients. Il est crucial que les parties commerciales prennent leurs responsabilités. Nous assumons cette responsabilité en fabriquant des produits durables, mais nous voulons faire plus. Notre intérêt n'est pas seulement de faire du profit, mais l'intérêt est bien plus grand. Pour cette raison, BiOBUDDi soutient la fondation Plant-for-the-Planet.