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Quartet card game shapes
Quartet card game shapes
Quartet card game shapes
Quartet card game shapes
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Quartet card game shapes

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Everybody knows the famous card game quartet. 

A card game that is super fun for young children. It is now available in the BiOBUDDi range. With this card game, children get to know symbols. The game is played like this; All cards are distributed among the players. Some players may have more cards than others. The aim of the game is to collect as many quartets as possible. When it is your turn, ask 1 player for a card that you do not have yet. Ask for the name of the quartet and the card you would like. If the opponent has this card, you may ask further. If not, it is the next player's turn. When you have a set of 4 cards you shout: "QUARTET!" and put this set on the table. When you play with 2 players, each player receives 7 cards. The rest of the cards come to lie separately. The game is over when all quartets have been placed on the table. The player with the most quartets has won.

Have lots of fun!

BiOBUDDi has developed 2 new card games for children aged 2 to 6 years. These card games are not made from our unique biobased material, but that does not mean that it is not environmentally friendly. The brand keeps its vision "Build a Better Tomorrow" in mind with all the products they produce. These products are puzzles made from eco-friendly paper, without using any plastic.


Number of pieces: 32 paper cards
Age: 3-6 years
Material: eco-friendly paper (NO PLASTIC)

Material: Eco-friendly , biobased and patented material
Building a better tomorrow that is BiOBUDDi's vision. We like to do this together with our customers. It is crucial that commercial parties take responsibility. We take this responsibility by making sustainable products, but we want to do more. Our interest is not only to make a profit, but the interest is much greater. For this reason, BiOBUDDi supports the Plant-for-the-Planet foundation. biobuddi plant for the planet Read more