If there is a ‘grown-up’ in the gang it’d be Ribbs. She takes it upon herself to organize and make sure things get done. If she didn’t the whole place would just crumble into complete and utter chaos. She knows the other two are mischievous little so and so’s and honestly, it does make her giggle from time to time, it’s good to have a laugh now and again!


Ribbs knows when they are up to something because they are either giggling or silent- Silence isn’t good, it means something huge is about to happen!





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BiOBUDDi develops safe and educational toys for toddlers and preschoolers. The toy blocks are specially developed for small children to play with. Building with blocks is good for the development of motor, cognitive and creative skills. The set stimulates the educational development of the child.

The toy is produced in the Netherlands and is not harmful to the environment. The product and the packaging are sustainable and recyclable, made from the sugar cane plant through the use of FSC cardboard and environmentally-friendly building blocks.


  • Contains 32 colored building blocks.
  • 9 push-out cards.
  • Multiple manuals.
  • Swampies Coloring book.
  • Age: 1,5 – 6


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