Ice cream

Ice cream

Does your little one love ice cream? Then the ICE CREAM build and play set is something for your child! Drive around the city and keep everyone cool on a hot summer day. This easy-to-build ice cream truck is loaded with playful learning!


The educational and fun ICE CREAM play set contains 18 building blocks, 9 'push-out' cards with new characters, such as the ice cream boy and his ice cream lovers, and a brand new background. The set is packed in recyclable packaging! Kids practice lasting life skills through play and creativity. With this set you as a parent find out how toy blocks support your little one's developmental milestones, like learning colors, shapes and a lot more.



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Our building blocks are specially made for children aged 1.5 to 6 years, made from remains of the sugar cane plant. The blocks are environmentally friendly, recyclable, sustainable and also interchangeable with other brands. It helps children with developing motor, cognitive and creative skills while playing.

With BiOBUDDi you show that you treat the planet and the future of the earth responsibly. BiOBUDDi toy sets are perfect for developing early construction and role-play skills in children aged 1½ to 6, with bricks specially designed to be safe for little hands. Each model is easy to build and helps your child learn as they play.

Contains 27 coloured building blocks.
9 push-out cards.
Multiple manuals.
Age: 1,5 – 6

All the BiOBUDDi toys are made in the Netherlands.


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