Start your own Baseball adventure now! Team red against blue, who goes home with the golden cup and who becomes the sour loser? There is only one way to find out!


Encourage toddlers to discover their emotions in a fun and inspiring way with our characters! Toddlers can build different characters, animals and houses. With which they create their own unique storyline while recognizing and learning to understand their emotions.



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The new toy line Characters consists of 4 unique sets. All four models are easy to assemble. The Baseball play set consists of 27 different parts, including colorful building blocks that are interchangeable with blocks from other brands. But also express cards, card holders and blocks to hold everything in place. And if you are finished with the set, you simply build your own new creation. There are endless possibilities with the building blocks.

BiOBUDDi develops safe and educational toys for toddlers and preschoolers. The toy blocks are specially developed for small children to play with. Building with blocks is good for the development of motor, cognitive and creative skills. The set stimulates the educational development of the child. The toy is produced in the Netherlands and is not harmful to the environment. On the contrary, the product and the packaging are sustainable and recyclable, using FSC cardboard and environmentally-friendly building blocks made from the sugar cane plant.

Contains 18 coloured building blocks.
9 push-out cards.
Multiple manuals.
Age: 1,5 – 6

All the BiOBUDDi toys are made in the Netherlands.


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