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More and more parents share the experiences of their children with BiOBUDDi on social media. Sharing is done by blogs, videos, and reviews. Toys are an important part of any child’s early development and parents have an essential role in choosing and acquiring these products. Social networks and new technologies offer an alternative way to discover new toys.


Parents share a wide range of content on their social media, from tips for first-time parents and information about products. As a result, they tend to build an extremely loyal community, something which is extremely valuable for BiOBUDDi that wish to target young families.


Read some reviews and share your own!


Reviews by parents and their children are a great way to hear about their experience, ideas, and thoughts. BiOBUDDi separates itself from other toy manufacturers with the choice of material and we are proud of it. This revolutionary production method is new and to ensure the safety we carefully watch it from up close in the Netherlands. We aim to improve constantly to ensure both safety and quality of our products. We’ve linked a couple of reviews of parents and their kids playing with our products


@gregraw1 – Little Gabin and his new turtle buddy

@mylittlebirdsandme – Miss rose, little fish go ‘Blub, blub, blub’

@mamarainbow – Playing minimalistic and environmentally friendly


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