Let your child fantasize with Swampies!

Explore, build, play and create! That’s what the world of Swampies is all about. Swampies is a non-dialogue, character-driven show for the pre/bridge school and wider audiences. It aims to teach the need to recycle in a fun and slapstick fashion. Taking the route of using enjoyment and entertainment to teach. Taking inspiration from classic Looney Tunes cartoons and the old silent movies of Chaplin and Buster Keaton. Swampy Thingies is light, fun and full of an escalating physical comedy and chaos.


We are committed to build a better tomorrow, and for this reason, we develop and make eco-friendly products. From our biobased materials to our manufacturing in the Netherlands, we’re raising awareness about sustainability while delivering unquestionably safe products. We believe that the best way to encourage environmental change is through goods people buy and use every day.


Let’s introduce you to the Swampies gang!



GATOR: The unofficial leader of the bunch. He’s a rebel and a mischievous little bugger! If there’s a way to cause mischief, and I mean the smallest, ever so slightest chance of causing mischief then Gator will find it. He loves the thrill of trouble but he’s also a bit of a chicken, he’ll throw the blame onto Newt if he ever gets caught, sooner or later though he’ll own up to his mischief.










NEWT: If you took a dog and made it an amphibian, you’d have Newt. He’ll follow anyone anytime, anyplace just as long as you love him! Like any four-legged canine counterpart, Newt loves his belly being rubbed, catching ball and playing dead. Newt is not too bright but what he lacks in ingenuity he makes up for in enthusiasm. In fact, it’s like a vicious circle between Gator and Newt as a result, they both get each other worked up so much they literally pop!









RIBBS: If there is a ‘grown-up’ in the gang it’d be Ribbs. She takes it upon herself to organize and make sure things get done. If she didn’t the whole place would just crumble into complete and utter chaos. She knows the other two are mischievous little so and so’s and honestly it does make her giggle from time to time. It’s good to have a laugh now and again! She knows when they are up to something because they are either giggling or silent- Silence isn’t good, it means something huge is about to happen!








Welcome to our Swamp


The place where it all happens. The Swamp is the home to our 3 recycling obsessed little critters. And like any great home, it has lots of secret hideaways and open spaces. It may seem small but it’s actually like the inside of a genie’s lamp, it’s much bigger on the inside than it is on the outside. And the gang has done an amazing job of keeping it clean and tidy, it’s clear that they are incredibly proud of their home. Nature is in total harmony within their home, this is evident by the way everything hums and swings in rhythm. There’s a cool, natural, musical vibe that fills the air and you can’t help tapping your feet and occasionally bursting into a little song and dance.


The swamp is hidden from general view and surrounded by bright green trees, bushes and other swampy growths. The actual swamp’s water is clean (you could actually drink it if you wanted to!) and the pool is large and inviting (you’ll always catch Ribbs relaxing in it). In the center of the swamp is an island where the gang sleeps, plays and lives


It’s bigger on the inside

Once you enter it’s an awesome place of creation. The gang have made all manner of furniture and structures from recycled junk. It’s just like the Lost Boys hideout from Peter Pan, magical, colorful and has hundreds of cool gadgets and inventions to play and live with. Each area of the island den reflects the individual gangs’ personalities and they all fuse together perfectly.


The Swamps is always growing because the gang are always cleaning it up and adding new recycled creations to it. Like any home, it’s a continual work in progress. The more they play, explore and create the bigger and more awesome their home gets. Who wouldn’t want to live in a home like that?


Re-create or make your own Swampies story! Build the crew, craft the Drag racer and go on the lookout for new recyclable thingies to create your own!