Learning numbers with BiOBUDDi

Do you have a little building block loving fan who’s practicing numbers at school? Grab some blocks and a permanent marker and get started! Learning numbers doesn’t have to be boring! Take your kid’s favorite interest and bring out a little play into learning time.


How to teach numbers with building blocks

We love to encourage learning and we have tons of activities for kids to prove it! Hands-on learning is a very effective way to turn playtime into learning time. This learning activity takes only a few minutes to set up and will allow your children to learn number recognition and learn to count while you teach numbers with BiOBUDDi!

What preschooler wouldn’t love to learn their numbers with these colorful building blocks and using their hands to build at the same time!


Grab a permanent marker and get going!

With a permanent marker, write numbers from one to ten on one color. On a second color write the numbers words and then on a third color add one dot for each number. If you make a mistake or want to recycle your blocks for other projects just use a hand sanitizer and a sponge or magic eraser to remove the permanent marker easily.


Identify and build each color

Once you have all the blocks marked and ready, you will want to place a few options in view for your child. Let them place the right numbers by each. All the 1’s by one, all 2 by twos, etc. Then set the challenge to out them into a tall tower in the right order. The dots help with adding and seeing the difference more between the numbers, you can go as far as twenty!

More games that can be played with the numbered BiOBUDDi blocks:


  • Count them into blocks of 5 and then 10 and use to count in 5s or 10s (make more to reach 100)
  • Build them horizontally and use them as a number line to count along with a counting stick, prop or finger
  • Use them to find matching number bonds to make 10 and then 20
  • Pick 2 blocks at random and put them next to each other to become and double-digit number and read it
  • Pick 2 blocks at random and add together the totals on their faces, using the dots to count


Store BiOBUDDi blocks in a separate bin.

One way to easily teach numbers with BiOBUDDi is to keep them in a separate container when they are not being used. So, your kids can practice it regularly whenever they want. Once your child starts to understands more. Tell them that they can use block number 4 with block number 3 to make 7. This will be a little more complicated than matching all the same block numbers together, but perfect for making it more of a challenge and stimulate continual learning.


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