HEMA launches environmentally-friendly toys.


HEMA launches together with BiOBUDDi an environmentally-friendly toy line.


From next week there will be a brand new toy line available at HEMA.


The Dutch HEMA can be found everywhere in the Netherlands. The brand has been a household name for years and the brand is growing in different countries. Hema is Holland’s best kept secret. It is how most Dutch people would like to see themselves. It is reasonable, easygoing, fair, thrifty and classless, based on rationality and clarity. The Hema prides itself on brining high standards of design to a mass public. And to a large degree it succeeds.


The exclusive collection has been designed together with BiOBUDDi and will be available in stores from the beginning of November. The production of the toy sets is done in the Netherlands. BiOBUDDi makes toys from a unique and patented material.


To prevent the temperature from rising further, BiOBUDDi looked for a resource that absorbs carbon dioxide. A source that is recyclable and usable for the production of toys for children. The BiOBUDDi team discovered these properties in sugarcane plants. These plants absorb carbon dioxide to grow and turn it into oxygen. Sugarcane plants are used by the food industry but also for clothing and medicines. Many uses, but it also leaves some unusable material behind. The non-usable part is the basis of the special composition. The non-usable material after the sugar cane processing can be used to make bio-ethylene.


Bio-ethylene is a type of alcohol that is used to make biobased polyethylene. This polyethylene is used in Europe in combination with a specially developed natural composition. This natural composition is unique and patented by BiOBUDDi. The composition is used for all products that BiOBUDDi makes. It makes BiOBUDDi environmentally friendly, sustainable, recyclable, easy to clean.


Hema launches 9 different construction toy sets and three different baseplates. The sets contain unique colors that do not occur in other sets. They are affordable toy boxes for every occasion.


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