What are the BiOBUDDi building blocks made of?

BiOBUDDi building blocks are made from leftovers of the sugarcane plant, a sustainable and eco-friendly solution. The biobased material offers the same amount of fun as regular building blocks.

What are the differences between these building blocks and those of different brands?

The BiOBUDDi building blocks are made from leftovers of the sugarcane plant, making them biobased to create a sustainable and healthy environment.

Are the building blocks safe for young children?

Each box specifies the required age; this way you can tell which playset is suited for your child.

Are these building blocks as durable as those of different brands?

BiOBUDDi building blocks are sturdy and last generations.

Are the BiOBUDDi building blocks compatible with blocks of different brands?

The size of the BiOBUDDi building blocks matches the size of those of different brands. The building blocks are therefor compatible with each other.

My playset is incomplete or damaged, what do I do?

Contact BiOBUDDi by phone+31 (0)77 321 0417 or send an E-mail to customerservice@biobuddi.com.

Where can I buy BiOBUDDi products?

You can order the BiOBUDDi products in our web shop or take a look at our store locator to find a store nearby.

The BiOBUDDi products are recyclable, but where do I send them to?

The recycling progress is the same as the regular polyethylene recycling.

How can I tell the difference between biobased building blocks and plastic blocks?

Our building blocks contain the BiOBUDDi mark. The color and texture are similar.

What kind of influence do these building blocks have on my child?

Building blocks help your child’s development. They help stimulating creativity and imagination.
Building with the building blocks helps developing spatial awareness and motor skills.

Is the packaging of the products environment friendly as well?

All our packaging is approved by FSC. This certification ensures responsible sources and helps forests remain thriving environments for generations to come.

Are the stickers used on the products biobased?

Yes, even the stickers on the products are made of the leftovers of sugarcane plants.

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