Children’s book week 2019!

The children’s book week 2019 has started! The library in Venlo organized an event on Wednesday October 2 to celebrate! Our interns went to attend this event to promote our BiOBUDDi building blocks. They played the whole afternoon together with the children and gained a lot of new experience! Are you curious how they experienced the event themselves? You can read it here:



We went to the Maaspoort on the second of October to promote BiOBUDDi at the start of the children’s book week. After the theatre play the kids came out to play with our blocks. We were peacefully building towers and boats until this one child came out and broke everything! After that he decided to start swimming in our “Block pool” and the blocks flew everywhere. After this incident, he came to sit with me and started to build a tower for himself, I decided to help him out. In the end, he and I had a lot of fun and made a huge tower! Time flew and before I even knew it was 5 o’clock and we had to start cleaning up.



Mike and I went to the Maaspoort to promote BiOBUDDi. I was so nervous I took the entrance to the restaurant instead of the theatre! Luckily a waitress told me where to go and I found the person we were looking for so we could start displaying our products. I than found out we forgot to bring the price tags and decided to create our own, while I searched my bag for a pen my kiwi was completely crushed. I had to go and clean in quickly! After the kiwi incident and when my nerves finally cooled down the afternoon could start. There where so many kids and it was a lot of fun. They started to build towers, stores and even whole ships! Parents joined and tried to recreate animals that showed on our display. After all it was a lot of fun to meet our target audience and time flew.

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