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Boys and girls both love building blocks. They provide a lot of fun! But it turns out, kids can learn a lot from these simple toys. But what exactly?


Time for some building activities with BiOBUDDi!

For this activity, we made some “Masterpieces” and took pictures of them. We then made little cards from the pictures we took by simply printing them out. And let our little creators trying to recreate the structures seen on the pictures


Materials needed for this activity:

  • BiOBUDDi blocks (variety of sizes/shapes/colors)
  • Camera
  • Printer
  • Laminating sheets (optional)

Remember the creations don’t have to be perfect, it’s all about the fun!

1. Build a variety of creations using blocks that are different sizes and shapes.

2. Take a close-up picture of each creation

3. Print out each picture onto card stock or photo paper.
(We tried to make our life-size, it’s optional to laminate the paper.)

4. Grab a bucket of BiOBUDDi blocks and let your kids start building!!


This building activity is great for teaching kids about geometry and fostering problem-solving skills. By adding a little bit of play, learning will be more enjoyable for your kid.


For older kids, you could easily make this activity more complex by making the BiOBUDDi creations more intricate or by just tracing the outside of the block shapes and having kids use their problem-solving skills to figure out what to build with.


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