Bring out your wildlife ranger!

One subject most kids enjoy learning, playing and creating is animals! From picture books to card games, and animals toys. Kids also love to observe animals, by visiting the zoo. Today we give you an activity you can do with your kids to bring them outside into the sun!


This simple animal hunt outdoor adventure is sure to have your little ones happily running, jumping and searching through your garden. Before we start you’ll need one of our Wildlife sets. For this post, we used the Jungle set. Tell your kid that the animals have been missing and we need to find all the animal pieces to bring them back!


Time to bring out the binoculars

Have your kid stand in a hideaway spot in the garden while you hide the animal pieces. If your kids are young, leave some of the blocks connected to make it easier for them and don’t make the hiding spots too hard! I’ve put them in the most obvious spots and it was still tricky for them to spot the animals pieces. (I even had to give clues!) When you’ve finished hiding the pieces in different spots around your garden, tell your kids that the animal hunt is on. Let them find all the animal pieces. If you have a professional wildlife ranger, perfect way step the game up is by hiding multiple animals, or hiding some wrong pieces to make the game a little bit more difficult for your kid.


Line the pieces up and count them to make sure none are missing or already try to make the animal bit by bit as you find more pieces. Hopefully, you’ve remembered where you’ve hidden them so you can help find any pieces, and won’t be left with some blocks still in the garden!


Re-create or make your own wildlife safari! Swim with the whales, walk with the elephants and balance with one foot as the flamingos do.

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