BiOBUDDi Holidays!


With the twinkle lights in the streets,

And the warm temperatures being far gone,

We know it wont be long,

Santa is ready to visit all these beautiful places,

And can’t wait to see all these happy faces,

Dear parent, don’t be a in a rush,

Holidays without stress is very important to us,

On this post you’ll find gift- and wrapping ideas,

So you can have a happy holiday without stress and fears!


Wrap inspiration:

At BiOBUDDi we think it is important that toys are not only fun but also good for our planet. The packaging is of course no exception! Below you will find a number of ways to make our building kits even more fun for the holidays:

  • The use of newspapers or magazines as gift wrapping paper. It not only looks very nice, but also easy to recycle. Ideal for the bookworm in the group.
  • Were you planning to give someone a piece of clothing as a gift? Clothing works great as a wrapping material! Tie the garment around the packaging and it is ready to give as a gift!
  • Do you have so many paper bags left after a day shopping? Then don’t throw them away. You can easily use these paper bags to wrap a gift. Tie some ribbon over it and let the party begin!



BiOBUDDi has something fun for every toddler or young child in the store. From our educational sets to the Our World collection – there is plenty of choice for every young child! View our product range on our web store for guaranteed playing and building fun. BiOBUDDi is also, for example, available at


Different themes:

BiOBUDDi has different toy themes. The themes respond to the imagination world of toddlers and young children.



For example, get to know our Wildlife theme. Every package is full of everyone’s favorite animals. Meet our fairytale forest animals in our Forest collection or go on an adventure in the jungle with the Jungle set from BiOBUDDi! Build a cheerful elephant, a beautiful toucan or another creation with the environmentally friendly blocks of BiOBUDDi. Use your imagination or follow the educational textbook to build the animals. Playing and building with blocks stimulates the development of motor, creative and cognitive skills in young children. In addition, toddlers and preschoolers will enjoy building the elephant and toucan and coming up with all kinds of stories. Click on the following link to get to know the Wildlife theme: Wildlife.


Biba Farm

Another nice theme from BiOBUDDi is the Biba farm. Let your child playfully get to know all the animals on the farm. Help farmer Bart and farmer’s wife Bibi take care of the animals or use your imagination and come up with a nice story. These Biba sets guarantee hours of construction and playing fun. With the following link you can get the know everything thing that the Biba Farm has to offer: Biba farm


Miss Rose

Who doesn’t know her? The always cheerful Miss Rose! With more than 60 million views, Miss Rose is the YouTube hit of 2019. With these unique building sets, children are introduced to Miss Rose and her famous children’s songs in a playful way. By building and playing together with these sets, children develop motor, creative and social skills. Children can use the special blocks and express cards to recreate the world of Miss Rose. Almost the entire package can therefore be used to increase the fun of playing and to prevent paper waste! Build your own Miss Rose world. With just the click of a button you can learn everything about: Miss Rose.


To learn

1, 2, 3, 4 … Can your child already count to five? Learning to know the Numbers set is a fun way to get acquainted with numbers! This set contains numbers and calculation marks to learn to recognize numbers and further develop other math skills, such as counting to ten and making simple addition and subtraction sums. In addition to this fun set, there are four other learning sets. A super fun way to learn with your little one in a playful way and at the same time build nicely with toy blocks. Click the following link to learn more about our educational blocks: educational blocks.



Unleash your child’s imagination with the swamp monsters of BiOBUDDi. This collection not only contains fun characters, but also cool vehicles such as a spaceship and a swamp mobile! Play music with the Swampies or hit the road with Gator, Newt and Ribbs to make the planet cleaner and more livable together. Be guided by Gator, the unofficial leader (and secretly also the wimp) of the group and learn more about their mission to make the world cleaner, greener and better. Get to know the Swampies with the link: Swampies.


Different points of sale:

BiOBUDDi is available at several points of sale. More and more specialty shops and retail chains are incorporating the environmentally friendly toy brand into the retail assortment. Take a look at, for example or visit your nearest toy store and ask for BiOBUDDi. For questions about a nearest sales point you can contact our customer service. Feel free to mail or call us. You can also follow us on the well-known social media platforms. Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or subscribe to our newsletter to stay up-to-date on new developments at BiOBUDDi! Hope you like our blog and see you on the next one.


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