Would you like to learn more about the beautiful steppe and the creatures living there? Time to explore the steppe and discover the fascinating wonders of nature.

The Steppe playset offers building blocks with a warm yellow and orange theme. Build the giraffe family or the stubborn moose, the choice is yours. But it does not stop there. Leave it to your imagination to build creations outside of the box.

Combine the animals of the Steppe playset with other animals of the Wildlife theme like the turtle or the lion for more fun!



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This playset includes a variety of BiOBUDDi building blocks to build animals of the steppe region. With this set you may build either the giraffe family or the moose.
To help you build these wild creatures we included an easy to use manual to guide you along each step. Once built, these animals will become your greatest playmates along each of your adventures.
All images are printed on the building blocks.


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