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Snoopy – Space


Snoopy – Dog house


Snoopy - School


Snoopy – Airplane


Snoopy – Baseball


Snoopy – American Football


Peanuts is one of the most popular children's tv series ever. The new Snoopy toy series from BiOBUDDi is therefore a super fun environmentally friendly way to go on an adventure with Snoopy and his friends. with the new designed bio-toys from BiOBUDDi, this is a new educational way of learning how to play with building blocks for your child or grandchild.

The building blocks made by BiOBUDDi are completely designed for small children's hands. This is so you are able to experience the super fun world of Snoopy together with your son or daughter, if his or her age is 1.5 to 6 years old. this unique play system stimulates imagination, creativity and helps in the development of fine motor skills.

The packaging of this eco-friendly toy line is also made of bio-based material and therefore fully recyclable! if you want to make the Snoopy world even more fun and extensive, you can push the pushout cards out of the 100% recyclable box. Place these push out cards on the slot blocks, for a even better experience.

If your child or grandchild needs help building, you can look at one of the supplied instruction booklets together. These instruction booklets are made specially for toddlers so that they know how to build it on their own. On this page you will find all playsets from the sustainable Snoopy toy line.