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City life

Your own restaurant, fashion show or clothing store! All this is possible with the new City toy series from BiOBUDDi. Use the ecological toy blocks to build this together with your son or daughter.

Get started together with the included instruction booklet, and be amazed how creative and imaginative a toddler is. Building with these environmentally friendly building blocks also stimulates the fine motor skills of your child. To make it even more fun and exciting you can use the expression cards. Push the express cards out of the 100% recyclable FSC box, and put them on top of the slot blocks to create your own toy world. Increase the fun and difficulty levels of your son or daughter. You can do all this with the BiOBUDDi toy sets without harming the environment.

A super fun educational toy series specially made for your son, daughter, nephew, niece or else from 1.5 to 6 years. With this bio toy for small children's hands, you can have hours of fun with the play set. View all city life toy sets on this page, and get started!